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Hung out in Tucson for a couple of nights. I got a ride by a prison guard who asked if I was a serial killer. I said yes & got into his car. He was sweet; a believer in God. He dropped me off near a gas station by the highway. It was a super hard hitch. Plenty of traffic but I wasn’t in a good spot. I waited a whole hour so I decided to pull out my “victimized hitchhiker” moves. I put my bag on the floor, sat on it & put my hand on my head. I drank from my empty water bottle & fanned myself with my hand. Got picked up right after I pulled that card.
I got dropped off by some motels which were covered in graffiti. The bricks were falling apart & the windows were all broken. I immediately recognized I wasn’t in a good part of town. I felt zero motivation to hitchhike in that area. I rode a bus for the first time in years & there were a bunch of people on drugs. I got dropped off at the bus transit center. I went to the information booth & whispered to the lady, “can you direct me to the ‘nice’ part of town, please. Somewhere with a ‘Safeway’, perhaps.” Something about ‘Safeway’ comforts me… probably their chocolate cookies.
I took bus number 8 & went to the nicest motel I could find. I walked into the room & thought to myself, “if I had a black light on me right now, I wouldn’t even want to turn it on.” The blanket had stains & cigarette burns all over it. The shower had bugs crawling out of the drain. I went to the breakfast diner across the street & ordered some pancakes. I thought about how I wanted to buy something sweet to eat at night but I didn’t feel like walking to the store due to still being in a bad part of town. The second I let the thought go, the server came up to me with a box of chocolate chip cookies & said, “this is a gift for you!” I love the power of manifestation. 🙏🏻 I went back to my room & ordered a large pizza. I thought it was cute how they put 6 paper plates in the bag.
Next morning, I met a guy on the bus named Steven. I asked him about his day & he was very happy to share with me how he moved up from being a substitute teacher to a “real” teacher. He told me how he used to be a homeless drug addict & how he wanted to get off the streets, so he asked a local school if he could take some classes to better his education. He talked about how grateful he was that people had faith in him in the times he didn’t have faith for himself.
Met up with the muscular tatted guy who picked me up hitching last week. I find it so funny how I keep meeting people who are really into God but are also super freaky people in bed. He has been on a streak of celibacy & I was planning on spending the night at his place before heading out to Phoenix. It was fun to tempt him with seductive words & body language… I often do that to men to see how serious they really are. He was trying hard not to fall into my trap. He told me he had to sit on the other couch to avoid trying to touch me. He said it was as though the Devil made a concoction of everything he ever wanted in a girl to test him. He spoke to me of how God came into his life to better him & no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t. Although he loved f***ing around with women, it didn’t satisfy him as much as God did. He pointed to his heart & said, “I prefer THIS version of myself.” I knew exactly what he was feeling. Those are the men I have the deepest respect for. I consider them to be the most strong because they won’t give in to the patterns they have strived so hard to get out of. Although I personally believe in a God that wants me to have fun & express myself, I have the uttermost respect for those who will stand firm in their heart’s desires.