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MM 0: Last minute, Spirit led me to backpack the Continental Divide Trail instead of the PCT!
This is going to be the toughest hike I have done yet. I am starting in Mexico and will be walking through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and will be ending in Canada!! A quarter way through, I will be hitchhiking to CA to thru-hike the John Muir Trail with my tramily beginning of July, totaling over 3,300 miles this summer!!!! 🤯
On my way to the CDT monument, I felt the same nervousness arise when I started my first thru-hike, except this time a little more so as I felt as though I got dropped off TRULY in the middle of nowhere.
But the moment I touched the southern terminus and tuned into the music of my shoes pressing against the dirt, my mind went quiet. A pickup truck drove by in the distance, with clouds of dust collecting behind him and he nodded off to me, with a smile signaling me good luck.
I walked towards the setting horizon as everything around me went still and all I could hear was the earth breathing beneath my feet. As the sun disappeared beyond the mountains, I set up my cowboy camp beside the trail. I snuggled into my sleeping bag with a smile gently caressed across my face as the scent of the desert sent me to sleep. 🌵✨🌖
My goal is to hike this trail as slow as possible, to savor every moment. I get to hike through 773 miles of desert which is my favorite type of terrain to hike. I will be blogging every experience on my website (link in bio) located in the “Travel Blog” section. If you would like to send some trail magic from afar, feel free to support me by buying something on my website or even resupplying some food for me along the way (every hikers dream). I would be grateful beyond words. Let the journey to Canada begin! 😍👣🏜🍃🌲🏔