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I got dropped off at Triple Crown Hostel and the owner of the place, Brendan, gave me a tour. It was truly a hiker’s dream with exceptional pricing. I asked if I could be naked in the hot tub and he said I could do whatever I wanted so that was an automatic win.
He sat down to have coffee with me and a fellow traveler named Dale came out to join. He had a deep voice, a long beard and had an aura of masculinity. He said how he loved that I had a sense of humor with the situation about the cop. I must say, I have come a long way with this perception. It is funny to me (most of the time), because people get horny and they say and do stupid shit because they don’t know how to transmute their energy. I understand the feeling that’s arising in them and that it’s nothing personal; they are asking for compassion and making them feel guilty only enforced more behavior like that.
Dale offered me some trail magic by buying me a cup of coffee at the Tranquilbuzz Coffee House (Love Lives Here). I was mesmerized by the place. We sat on the swinging bench and he asked if I could take a moment to listen to his favorite song, so I grabbed my headphones for us to share and I closed my eyes as I tuned into the words. I feel a person’s favorite song says a lot about them. It’s as though they’re asking for you to tune into their heart and the journey they are currently experiencing within their mind.
The song was titled “Eugene” by Greg Brown. The lyrics hit close to home. We smiled and laughed out loud several times for there were some humorous lines. In the midst of the laughter that was shared between us, I felt God’s presence telling me I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
An older gentlemen approached us and sat right across from us and struck up a conversation. He dove deep and asked about our journey in life and what insights we’ve been enjoying. I loved his energy and I loved being in a place where people welcomed me with a smile and an open conversation.
We chatted for a good hour and then Dale looked at him with curiosity and asked him if he happened to be the author of a book titled “Wanderlusting” because he looked just like the man who wrote it. The man was acting as though he didn’t know what he was talking about and after about five minutes he pulled out a book and was like, “is THIS the book you’re talking about?” 😂 It was him, Gary McWilliams.
I skimmed through his book and I felt I was getting a sense of the future with how I wanted my own book to look. I was in tears from gratitude and inspiration. Gary gently placed his hand atop mine, looked into the depth of my eyes and said, “never stop traveling. Even if people think you’re a psychopath, it doesn’t matter. Follow your inspiration. You’ll know when it’s time for you to settle down. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in ten years, maybe never. Just keep doing what you’re doing.” He gave me a hug and a kiss on my head and left.