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This morning, Dale and I met up with Adam to have breakfast at Adobe Springs. As we were walking into the restaurant I saw two sheriff cars parked out front and I squeezed Dale’s arm and yelled, “oh my god!!!” I started laughing at the way it seemed the Universe was playing with me. The hostess sat us right next to them and I go, “you have got to be fucking kidding me”.
Dale had the audacity to ask one of the sheriff’s to give me directions on how to get back on trail. The sheriff stood in front of me with his thumbs tucked into his waist strap, his bulletproof vest expanded his chest. My chin rested on my hand and my eyes longingly looked up at him as I thought about how close his bulge was to my face. I was ready to do something illegal just to get handcuffed by this man.
After breakfast, Adam and I went thrift shopping and hit up the local farmers market. Later, we stopped at the food co-op to get some natural foods and supplements. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door was playing in the background as Adam gently pulled my hair and told me I was a special girl. I closed my eyes and sunk into a state of euphoria. ✨
Came back to the hostel and Brendan and I hung out most of the day and talked about our trials in life and how we got to where we are now. We shared of the ways that backpacking enhanced our current lives. We flirted for fun and he was pretty clever, I must say. I love men who are quick to pick up on my flirtatious comments with something even wittier. Playing the game with people who know how to play and aren’t intimidated by me are my favorite.
We took a late afternoon dip in his jacuzzi and he made me wear clothes since there was a family stopping by for the BBQ. We got a kick out of it because he gave me men’s swimming trunks and a crop top that could barely hold my breasts. 😂 He goes, “yeah, just a typical Saturday in Silver City. Hot tubbin’ in the afternoon with a sexy girl who’s begging to take her top off.”
I made him a macrame plant holder as he generously grilled up some salmon, hot dogs and ribs. Adam came over along with previous thru-hikers and local people. I ate 3 hot dogs, ribs, 2 doughnuts and was still hungry. 😅
I met a super lovely girl named Taylor and it was obvious that we were simply reuniting in this lifetime. We got into convos about urine therapy, e-dances, government propaganda, community living and yoni steaming.
Adam and I were planning on meeting up on trail so he could make a campfire for us and we could sit around it eating grilled sausages and talking about life.
At one point he was trying to catch up to me on trail, but I felt myself running away. I wonder what it is about me trying to run away from people so often, even if they have shown me nothing but kindness. I know when I look back on these hikes, it’s always about the people I have met… yet I push myself away from those who start to enjoy my presence.
I am inspired to step out of these boundaries I made up. I feel I tend to overthink simple things such as this, when in truth, it’s nothing serious. In fact, I think it could be quite beautiful to find myself hanging around people and witness the connection grow deeper. As my friend Hope states, “whoever is in front of you is exactly who you’re being asked to love.” 🙏🏻