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Gila Wilderness: Today, Adam and I had a little out of the way detour adventure. We woke up and started hiking at 5am with the intention of getting to Doc Campbell’s Post. Somewhere along the line we got lost and must’ve missed a river crossing because we started following a totally different river. We had to get to the other side of the mountain so we both said “fuck it” and decided it would be best to climb up and over it.
I should have known better that it was NOT a shortcut. We were heading straight up the mountain for hours, bushwhacking and eating shit several times. It has been a while since I got that kind of rush. It reminded me of my first time taking psychedelics.
All of a sudden, I felt there was only me and all I could hear was the sound of my breath with each footstep. Total and complete awareness. I felt myself get teary eyed from fear of falling, but I thought to myself how I would much rather be doing this than anything else.
A taste of possible death bringing me to life. Even Adam, I felt, was coming from my perception as though he was my guide into the mountains. I saw clearly how that whole experience was only a projection of images coming out of my own mind.
By the time we made it back down, we still had 11 miles to go. We joked about how we took a 10 hour detour for 1 mile and that was basically the case. We were pretty much back at the spot that we camped overnight. 😂 So worth it, just to see the view from the summit.
I definitely felt gratitude for hiking this section with a buddy. We got caught in a hail storm and had to cross the Gila river around 60 times. Probably 100 for us from the amount of times we got lost. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
We found a sweet hot spring and spent the end of the day soaking and eating backpackers meals made with the spring water falling from the moss-covered rocks. We felt like hiker royalty in gratitude for nature’s bath providing comfort for our sore muscles. ❤️