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Gila Wilderness: Today, we woke up and decided to actually follow the trail instead of summit a mountain.
We road walked to Doc’s and it happened to be closed. We ran into some local women who offered us some weed and gave us directions to the owner’s house. They said he wouldn’t mind if we knocked on his door because he really caters to hikers and understands that sometimes their schedule doesn’t line up.
As I was walking up to his house, he opened the door with a sweet smile and automatically started walking towards the store and told me to follow him, implying that it happened a lot. He let us resupply on food and water and said we could charge our stuff for as long as we needed.
We continued our road walk toward the Gila High Route and got a glimpse of the Cliff Dwellings. We walked over the bridge on HWY 15 and I felt a sense of gratitude rush over me. Feeling honored to see the world at this pace and soak it in every step of the way.
We got snowed and sleeted on during our ascent and everything came alive with a luscious, luminescent glow. The scent of fresh rain on the desert terrain brought our senses to life as we observed the rain clouds sweeping over the snow packed mountain ranges in the distance.
We decided to cut the day early and Adam found us a sweet little spot tucked away within the pines. He made us a fire as it drizzled and we cooked some sausages while I made us hot chocolate for dessert.
I thought to myself how it doesn’t get any realer than this. The scent of a fire, the smoke irritating our eyes, the damp pine needles beneath our feet, the grey clouds shifting overhead. I looked at my cut up legs and thought to myself how I could do this for the rest of my life.
We sat around the campfire till dark making fun of ourselves appearing to be homeless 30 year olds and we started laughing out loud to the point of tears. Definitely one way to look at it, but in my heart I felt I was living out my dream and if I appeared some type of way to those around me, I could care less because in the end I was happy. ❤️🥰🔥