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Gila Wilderness: Today, we met up at a break spot and decided it would be fun to do a nude photoshoot with antlers and skulls that we found laying around the area.
We intuitively decided to take the Lower Gila River Route because apparently we felt like getting our feet wet again. We camped extra early and spent time bathing in the river, doing laundry and getting a fire going to dry off.
The fire has been teaching me that it is okay not to be seen, for in the silence am I truly witnessed in my depths. Maybe not in the way I think I would want to be, but in the way that I am truly happiest. In the trance of the fire, I become aware that the world keeps spinning whether or not I’m doing something or trying to become “something” in the apparent world.
That’s something I appreciate about Adam so much. He is so simple, so humble. He doesn’t have a desire to be seen by the world. He simply wants to hike, make fires and eat meat cooked on hot rocks. He belongs in the woods, his lineage primal. Through him, I’ve been learning to quiet my mind by using the elements around me. 🔥🌿👣