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MM 367.7: Last night I had service for a short moment and received a message from my mom letting me know our childhood dog is weak and is going to need to be put down. This morning I didn’t even make it a mile until I dropped my pack on the side of the trail, put my head in my hands and started crying. Adam showed up on trail, put his mat next to me so I could curl into his lap.
I noticed a heavy feeling of guilt and regret arise. Feeling as though I didn’t do enough for her… I didn’t take her on enough adventures… I could’ve been kinder. She was a perfect angel, never asked for anything. Humble, kind, pure and innocent.
Made me think about how I want to keep growing/expanding as a person. To be kind to those around me. To be humble; only speak kindly of others when they’re not around. To be gentle to those who appear in front of me, for the way I treat them is the way I treat myself.
I never know when someone will apparently leave this plane. I know in my heart that they will be liberated from their constricted body, yet I still experience sadness around the thought of death because I’m still giving reality to it.
I felt a lot better when I walked upon Adam playing air guitar on a log. I teased him for it all day and a couple of hours later the tables turned as he got a video of me jamming out to Britney Spears.
We hitched into Reserve since we ran out of water. We decided to resupply there since we heard Pie Town was only going to have hiker boxes. We hung out with the locals, got a hiker discount on our groceries, ordered 2 pizzas and hitched out. We didn’t make it out so we cowboy camped under a bridge.
Adam felt upset with me for wanting to part ways. I had a great time with him, but when the inspiration arises to move on, I listen and I follow it. It’s nothing about the person I am with, it’s more so a desire to be alone and/or meet new people.