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Enzenberg Canyon to La Selvilla Picnic Area: Saw the four planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn) lined up as the sun rose over the horizon.
Made a quick detour into Vail to eat a blueberry pancake. Afterward, a guy named Dirk picked me up and gave me a ride close to the trailhead. He talked about how he is a feminist and how women are superior to men. He said I didn’t have to worry being in the car with him because he was a really nice guy. He dropped me off near the HWY, kneeled before me, kissed my hand and said, “You are my superior,” then proceeded to give me $20. He said he wanted to take me out on a platonic lunch date when I made it to Tuscon.
Met a cute thru-hiker from Germany named Pretty Boy… started drooling over his tattoos. Shortly after, met a couple of bicyclists along the trek. Took some pictures of one of the guys since it looked like an epic candid shot. He couldn’t believe the way my shoes looked so asked if he could take a picture of them. I modeled the front tears and then flipped my heal towards my butt so he could get a shot of the treading. He offered to give me money for new shoes, knowing they cost around $200.
It’s so funny how the past week I stopped caring so much about money and recognized that I am already abundant and BAM! Almost every person I met the past several days had offered me money and for some reason I only said yes once. I know I don’t “need” the money but it sure seems to help during my thru-hikes. I feel as though the Universe is going, “How many times do we have to do this before you accept the money?”
I set up my bed on top of the picnic table at the campground. I tried to fill up my water bottles at the spigot while simultaneously dodging several bees that swarmed around the handle. I’m allergic but I started laughing at myself because from a distance I looked like the inflatable tube man.
I watched the sky go dark as the branches silhouetted above me and the stars sprinkled out. I used to be afraid of the idea of sleeping alone in the wilderness before I went on my first thru hike. And then I realized it’s the safest I ever felt. If only everyone knew that everything in the forest is alive. It has its own Spirit. I’m never alone. Saw a shooting star shortly after following that thought.