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(x-rated): I started hitching towards Silver City to make it to trail days but then the guy who picked me up happened to be a super sexy cowboy in his mid twenties, so naturally, plans changed. He talked my ear off about the cowboy lifestyle, clearly being something he was passionate about. He talked of rodeo being an art of “power under control”. A system of “pressure and release”. He invited me to a rodeo event that was happening at Las Cruces, so I tuned into the energy of it and I was guided to say YES!
We stopped at his friend Zac’s place to kill a couple of hours. I noticed that when people introduce me as a “random hitchhiker”, their friends facial expressions appear hesitant/distant as though I’m going to harm them or something. 😂 So, I often go into story mode of what I’m doing so they can relax. Zac also shared a passion for backpacking, so it was nice to talk stories. He gave me some freeze dried food and orange juice. Hiker gold.
Gregory unbuckled his pants in front of me. Unbeknownst to me that he was only tucking his shirt in, I asked, “Are you undressing for me?” He smiles, “Mm, do you want me to?” I bit my lip in excitement. He walked towards the door and lit a cigarette as the sun outlined the structure of his body. A cowboy with rough hands, juicy lips and an air of aloofness. Living poetry. He said he always thought he’d end up with a girl like me since we shared a similar outlook on minimalism and traditional lifestyle choices.
We went to the rodeo and I sat on the bleachers. I felt as though I was in a western movie. I found myself laughing non-stop, in awe of experiencing something new. I could feel the exhilaration and the adrenaline rush of the arena… the dirt blowing on my face, the crowd cheering, the electrification of the horses.
Gregory nudged his head to me, signaling that we were heading back to Zac’s place. I ended up crashing out in his trailer since it was past hiker midnight and I could barely keep my eyes open. I woke up to Gregory slipping under the covers, his bare skin impacting mine. With my eyes closed, I turned to face him. I searched for his lips with mine; the scent of his breath intoxicating my mind.
He kissed me gently, time and space fracturing between us. I playfully bit his bottom lip… lost in fantasy about what he would taste like. I mounted him slowly… my wet kisses lustfully leading down his chest…stomach…hips… I grabbed his cock with my tongue and grasped him with both hands. Stimulating him, I felt him growing big in my mouth and I jokingly thought to myself, “Why do I keep attracting guys with big dicks?” 😅
He wanted to taste me, so with excitement he went beneath the covers. I need a moment to say that I was beyond impressed… for one, I didn’t have to ask him to eat me out, he genuinely wanted to. And for two, I normally don’t go for guys younger than me for various reasons, but with Gregory, he caught me off guard and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s nice to meet men that want to take their time with me and build the tension. He mastered the art of “power under control”. 😏
He started to insert himself slowly and I had to relax so I could take him all the way in. It was a
tantric experience to say the least. The energy would rise to a great extent but he wouldn’t let himself cum. Slowing down the pace, he would remind me to relax and come back to my breath, as he did the same for himself. Then he would pick up the pace… my legs shaking, my mouth salivating. He was highly aware of the rhythm that got me off; intuitive to my moans, mindful of my body’s signals.
He would tell me when I was allowed to cum. My body was under his control. I didn’t get to choose. He would go, “Uhmmm” while he was
penetrating me… stalling the moments of time, bringing me to the point where I would be on the begging for his permission… until he would finally say, “Cum. Now.”
With tenderness he would grasp my wrists as he made love to me. Moments later, he would pin me down and fuck me like the dirty slut I was. Pulling my hair as hard as he could while simultaneously kissing me with tenderness, he manifested the perfect balance of pressure and release. After a couple hours of play, I knelt down and swallowed his cum. Mess free. 😋 He called me a good little girl for doing as I was told.
We went back into Zac’s place and ate some pizza and I thought to myself, “Fuuuck yes.”