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I got breakfast with Brendan so I could spend some time with him before I hitched out. I had an undercooked blueberry pancake while Brendan partook in some stuffed french toast. I lounged around Triple Crown Hostel as I worked on my book and spent some time with the new hikers. I ended up getting vortexed into Silver City again and didn’t hitch out.
My friend Jezus called me out of the blue. He is the owner of Cinderland Ecovillage in Hawaii that I work-traded in for a few years. He heard I was hiking the CDT and expressed how it was his dream to thru-hike when he was my age but never did. He asked about the trail and about the sexcapades I experienced thus far. I love that my friends want to know the details of my dirty stories… makes me feel not so weird for wanting to know about theirs. 😂
As I have become more serious about writing, I noticed that a few people have gotten upset/offended that I have written about our personal experiences. I am learning how to be okay with that and/or get in the process of telling people about it upfront. I feel conflicted because I don’t want people to alter their behavior around me if they know I will write about them. I have seen it happen before. I am more interested about being raw and capturing the moment honestly, just like a candid photo.
Near the end of our talk, Jezus told me to come rest my legs at Cinderland and to paint a mandala mural for him. He shared of how so many people got offended by my genitalia, blow*** and bondage murals that they got painted over by very childlike paintings. He said they were his favorite ones due to the impact it made on people. People were either very impressed or very pissed off. I felt grateful that my art served the purpose I intended for it: to make people uncomfortable and bring up intense feelings. It felt wholesome to laugh about it, too… to enjoy the impermanence of it. The murals didn’t last more than a couple of weeks before someone defaced them.
Brendan and I went to Wally World to buy some cake and ice cream. We got invited to eat burgers with former thru hikers in the heart of Silver City. I got a sugar and caffeine rush and Brendan tried to calm me down by having us watch It’s Always Sunny.