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Unimpressed and I hitched to Flagstaff since it was where I left off on the AZT last year. We got a ride pretty quickly and parted ways when we arrived. He hiked north as I hiked south.
I felt guided to be in Sedona for the late afternoon. Sometimes, I think to myself, “But I ‘planned’ on being in this spot at this time and if I go here I won’t get there in ‘time’.” I’ve learned to hush that voice by simplifying it as, “What feels lighter?” I’ve learned to tune in and trust the guidance.
I’ve been spending a lot of time interacting with people, to the point where I have been neglecting myself. Silence and solitude time is where I thrive, so I notice right away when I veer off path. Most people assume I am an extroverted person due to my lifestyle, but I am naturally very introverted. It is much more instinctive for me to be alone in silence.
A handsome guy my age picked me up. His name was Tom and he had beaded dreads, rough hands and a pearly white smile. He was on his way to go rock climbing with his buddies and asked if I wanted to come check it out. Watch hott guys climb cliff walls? 🤔 “Uhm… fuck YES!” I watched them for about 15 minutes until I felt an internal message letting me know it was time to go to Sedona.
Two girls picked me up who just got off a section hike of the AZT. They also thru-hiked the PCT. We jammed to Taylor Swift songs on the drive down and they dropped me off in the heart of Sedona.
A shuttle driver stopped to give me some water and offered me a free ride to the Cathedral Rock Trailhead. My backpack drew a lot of attention, as it normally does. One woman said her 20 year old daughter felt inspired to hike the PCT and asked me if it was dangerous and if I would recommend it. I told her it was the safest place her daughter could be and that it would change her life.
I felt my soul come alive when I touched my fingertips to the crimson red sand. I observed the million dollar homes around me and thought to myself, “If someone offered me my dream home right now, but told me I couldn’t live the life I was living anymore I wouldn’t take it.” It felt healing to recognize that, for I would have felt differently 5 years ago.
A guy named Crazy Cory picked me up after my hike and surprise bought me a cajun chicken sandwich and I nearly cried. He said, “Well someone’s gotta take care of you.” His energy felt a bit overwhelming at first because he kept calling me baby girl, sweetie, honey, cutie, etc. He was no harm though, it was simply his extroverted personality. He played a lot of Christian music and told me of the way that Jesus came into his life and healed him. He spoke of himself as a supernatural being, claiming to have “J” blood, “J” for Jesus. He said, “Always speak life into your words, not death. Speak and think positivity.”
Camped in an abyss of pine trees next to the HWY and called my friend Aaron. We discussed the book Busting Loose from the Money Game. He shared recent stories about forms of abundance popping into his reality. He goes, “If you don’t like something being reflected in your experience or in someone else, it’s coming from you… so change it within yourself. Always give gratitude to what you perceive, whether it’s a feeling of lack or abundance, for you are making it all up anyway!” ❤️🙏🏻