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Ghost Ranch Alternate: Walked through moss covered trees and snow melted creeks. This stretch of trail changed so rapidly that I thought I was already in the state of Colorado. There was quite a bit of snow and down trees but nothing like what I experienced on the PCT.
I experienced a lot of congestion from the smoke coming from the wildfires. It felt as though it required all of my energy to hike even just a couple miles. I felt feverish the night prior and knocked out before 5pm. I woke up the following morning and still felt called to take it easy, so I got off on the nearest road and started my hitch towards Virginia.
Got picked up by a guy who went by the name G. He gifted me a handmade wire wrapped scorpion which I accidentally lost while hitchhiking. He shared how he lost his wife and two kids in a head on collision, one of them being his two week old daughter.
Got dropped off next to a man who was on the on-ramp I needed to hitch from. He was an older man with white hair, no teeth and grimy clothes. He said he couldn’t believe how fine my ass was and that God must have dropped off a present for him, the present being me. Thankfully, the first truck that turned onto the ramp stopped for me. Inside were two Spanish men who barely spoke English. The vibe didn’t feel the best with them, either, but figured it would be better than getting hit on in a remote area.
I sat in the front and the guy behind me tried to start a conversation with me. His eyes became sultry as he watched my lips move. They started conversing between one another and I payed attention to the tone of their words shift into a seductive state. Moments later, the guy behind me said the word “bonita.” When I turned around, he had removed his shirt and said he was going to bed since he had to drive overnight.
They had bunk beds in the back and offered me a bed to sleep in, so I peeked over my shoulder to check it out. Tired, I hopped in the top bunk, threw a blanket over myself and closed my eyes. The guy below me got out of his bed and stood in front of me. He started caressing my arm and said something in Spanish I couldn’t understand except for “muy bonita”. I shrugged him off as though he was a pesky mosquito and said, “I would like to sleep now. Thank you.” He got the message and let me be.
I headed back to the front after a short nap and asked the driver to drop me off at the nearest pull out. By the time he stopped the truck, the guy behind me was butt ass naked. I think he expected a porno scenario to unfold. I messaged Quadzilla for some relief and he joked that my guardian angels must be overworked with me. I definitely felt that. 😂
I decided to hitch a little longer before the sun went down. I got picked up by a guy who drove me to the outskirts of Amarillo, TX. He dropped me off at a picnic area and proceeded to tell me he wouldn’t have the balls to do what I did. As I got out, he commented, “I would feel afraid to sleep here in my truck even though I have a bunch of guns to defend myself with.” Words of comfort before setting up my mesh tent. 😅 I tucked my hair into my jacket and put my hood over my head so people wouldn’t recognize l was a woman at first glance.