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(x-rated): Enjoyed a free pancake breakfast with a friend. Then, I got a shuttle ride to receive a foot bath from some volunteers from church. They gifted the hikers freshly baked treats and handmade beanies.
Met Darwin, the famous YouTuber. It felt like an honor to thank him in person for his videos. I’m personally not into YouTubers much, however he was one who caught my attention due to his humbleness and simplicity in getting his message across. He was a big reason I got inspired to put a pack on my back and head out into the wild and for that I will be eternally grateful.
Played wiffle ball with some hikers. They got offended when I asked if it was even a real sport. I shared enticing glances with several guys on the field. As we switched our positions, one guy would whisper a compliment to me, another would flirtatiously pinch my hip and another one would tug at my hair. I was seconds away from begging them to just take me right there in the middle of the field.
One of them who caught my eye was a tall, rugged man named Yogi. His messy braids, dimples, deep voice and nonchalant attitude had him exuding masculine confidence. We spoke less than 15 words to each other within an hour of knowing each other, but our eyes held unforeseen history. It was as though there was a source of energetic strings between us, drawing us closer and closer, becoming tighter and tighter. It felt so erotic, appearing as if we were making love through our tension.
Like a puppy dog, I followed him into the nearby building to get some water after our game. Outside, they were playing some of my favorite Christian songs. I laughed to myself and thought about how kind and generous these Christian people were. Every year, they graciously gave their time to cater food and the word of God to a bunch of horny, dirty, hungry hikers. We probably looked like a bunch of children who didn’t know any better. Oh, the patience they must have. 😂
Yogi and I were happily surprised to walk into the building and find an entire buffet of fried chicken, drinks and dessert so we decided to spoil ourselves. We got some food and sat close to each other, my legs gently brushed up against his while I curiously watched him. His dark, intense eyes filled with wonder and sin. A sense of sadism lurked behind them and I wanted to be the one to explore them. His energy strong and masculine, leading me. My energy, soft and feminine, submitting to him. The space between us pulsated while the world around us spun.
We went to cuddle in the middle of the open field and he told me he didn’t feel comfortable being sexually explicit out in the open. You could imagine how crazy that drove me. He said I was still allowed to kiss him. So, I looked up at him with innocent eyes as I brushed my knee over his cock and kissed him.
It began raining on us so we ran back to Tent City. We sat under the tarp and he played the ukulele while I caressed his back. After the melodies settled, he guided me to his tent and I knew that I was in for a treat. We layed down on our sides and held each other’s gaze, heated in an erotic glow. I was begging him with my eyes to make a move on me and he knew it, so instead, he made me suffer to the point of desperation before I was allowed to feel his perfection.
I love when I get so visibly excited to play, but I am full on teased instead. Makes me want to screaaam! He held off for at least 30 minutes, until I could at the very minimum feel his breath colliding with mine… in empty space. He gently grazed his fingertips against my arms, between my breasts, energetically telling me to slow down. In that moment, I was so aroused I felt I could cum under his command.
Ever so gently, he brushed his lower lip onto mine, just enough to sense his electricity. I could feel myself dripping. I groaned in agony and he smiled with pleasure. Finally, he let me feel the fullness of his lips. Smiling wildly, I couldn’t even kiss him properly. Now, I was under his control. Our kisses grew with intensity as we created strings of drool. He parted the saliva with his fingers to further kiss me. Breaking out a smirk, he teased his hand down my torso.
Next form of torture was him ever so gently brushing his finger over my clit, adding pressure slowly. Attentively, he would watch me… the moment I would bend my back and moan in pleasure was the moment he would pull away. Catching my breath, I grew impatient and aggressive in my manner. He saw that I was about to grab his dick and he quickly diverted my action by sliding his fingers deep inside me, causing me to drop back down. He was in charge, not me. His lips grew wet as he watched the way I submitted to him. Intuitive, sinister eyes… he slowly mounted me and slid himself in. My eyes rolled back in pleasure as he began thrusting and I released myself into him. My legs began to shake as he increased the pace. Sweet vibrations moaned from my lips into his open mouth. The deeper he got, the louder I got. He placed his hand over my mouth and said, “Oh this must be getting you off hard listening to all these people walk by us…” He gripped my mouth harder and told me I better be quiet if I wanted to keep getting fucked. I nodded in agreement, yet tempted to misbehave.
After our tantric play, I walked around and was asked if I wanted to be part of the “Blue Dot Cult.” The only requirement was to give them all my money so of course I said yes. They proceeded to dot my nose with blue paint.
Saw Lil’ Otter and asked if he wanted to make out in the rain with me. He said yes, so we partook for about 30 seconds, got cold and then ran under a small tarp with 15 other hikers.
My girl friend Quinn came to visit me all the way from Chicago. I showed her off to all of my friends and then we went to go dance around the fire. At the beating of the drums, the crowd became animalistic as they howled and chanted, unable to deny their primal ancestral nature. 🔥🌿🪵👣