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(x-rated): Scotty and I took off early in the morning. I got dropped off at the trailhead and relaxed into the state of New Mexico. I felt at home as the heat of the sun caused sweat to drip down my back; less than 100 miles left to the Colorado border!!
After several miles of walking, I saw some hikers in the distance and one of the guys invitingly yelled “hi” across the lake. His voice deep and raspy, my knees became weak. All I knew was that I had to have him. We crossed paths later on and told me his name was Sledge. The other two in his group were Soccer Mom and Ponderosa.
They invited me to cowboy camp next to them, so of course I said yes to a cuddle puddle under the stars. Sledge went to filter his water and as he walked towards me, I slowly eye fucked him, making sure he knew I was fantasizing about his cock in my mouth.
The tramily made themselves dinner and I offered them my expired honeybun. They split it apart and ate it with excitement, despite it being stale. I loved listening to the sound of their laughter and witnessing their connection as a tramily. I meditated as I watched the sun set over the valley and thanked God for offering me such a lovely gift.
Sledge watched me in adoration, said I held a mysterious vibe. I daintily grabbed his hand to look at how dirty and rough they were. He asked if I was reading his energy and I thought, Yeah, reading what the energy of your fingers will feel like inside of me.
I watched the way he smoked his joint, the way the smoke left his lips… now, really craving to taste his tongue. We cocooned ourselves in our sleeping bags, looked into each other’s eyes and confessed how eye contact held an immense amount of erotic energy. We attempted to go to bed, however I could feel we were both restless with sexual energy. We kept catching each other sneaking glances, followed by uncontrollable smiles. I bit my lip as I visualized him getting hard for me.
I turned over and moved my body into his. He caressed my thigh over my sleeping bag, pulled me in by my right hip and slowly thrusted himself into my ass. My eyes grew big as I felt his rock hard cock through both of our sleeping bags. I smiled and turned around to find him smiling mischievously. His eyes soft with desire… simultaneously, we leaned in to kiss each other. Our mouths soaking wet, making spoils of drool as our lips parted… he tasted like everything I dreamed of. Gripping his fingers around my neck, he pushed me away to get another look at my eyes, now only lit by the gleaming moonlight.
I started giggling at the thought of us being too loud, our air mattresses revealing our shenanigans. He put his finger to his mouth indicating to be quiet, but ended up laughing as well. I felt so turned on by the idea that his friends were right beside us listening to our wet kisses and sighs, hoping they would get turned on and join in.
I lifted my base layer top… he cupped my breast in his hand and began nibbling at me while I clutched his thick blonde hair between my fingers. He took my hand and placed it firmly on his cock. (I really do have a way of attracting men with big dicks. Must have some sort of radar/antenna for them. 😂) Turned on by what I felt, I guided his hand into my pants and watched his eyes become sultry. Ever so gently, he felt the outskirt opening of my yoni and noticed how wet I was for him. He maneuvered his hand to cup my mouth so I wouldn’t make any noise. Then, centimeter by centimeter, he slid his fingers inside me while I bit the ones he had over my mouth. He finger fucked me so hard until I nearly screamed. When he took them out, I put them in my mouth so I could taste myself. He joined his mouth to mine with his fingers between our tongues, both of us dripping with saliva.
Out of breath, I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me”. I caught hesitancy in his voice as he said he couldn’t. I sensed it was because of a girl. Shortly after, he whispered, “I can’t do that to her.” The sinister part of me arose, turned on that there was another girl in his experience. So I said, “Ok, no problem” as I collected a pile of spit into my fingers, drizzled it onto his cock and gently massaged his tip. I looked into his soul, smiled sweetly and made my way down to taste him. A few seconds later, he changed his mind about the girl.
So, we hopped out of our warm sleeping bags and walked beside the San Antonio River. The Milky Way shimmering above us, I knelt down on my knees and began to taste him fully, the head of his dick barely fitting into my mouth. His pre-cum tasted so sweet and delicious… had me looking forward to the full dessert. He lifted me up, turned me around and grabbed me by the hips. He fucked me with primal aggression and longing need… I dug my nails into his thigh as I pulled him down to the ground. I spread my knees into the dirt so I could feel him deeper, regardless of the pain. I felt him growing big inside me… throbbing and pulsating as he filled me up. Happily, I turned around to clean him up and we made our way back to the camp. He smoked a joint and we fell asleep smiling with satisfaction. ❤️‍🔥