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MM 777.2: There were forest closures put in place due to the fires occurring in New Mexico/Colorado, but I was set on making it to the border so I pushed big miles. The altitude was getting to me, so near the end of the day Sledge fucked me on the side of the trail and I swallowed his cum for a little pick me up. (It helped immensely. 😋)
The last few miles were the ultimate mental and physical test. There were so many blow downs to the point where I could no longer see the path. The snow also slowed me down immensely; the footsteps of those in front of me were either incorrect, half melted or covered with dirt/pine needles, making it overall challenging to find a direct path.
By the time I made it to the border, my legs were cut up and bleeding. I felt excited to have walked the whole state of New Mexico but fed up with the trail maintenance. In 2019, I walked through hundreds of miles of blankets of snow and I still feel, simply put, “over it.” I would rather wait for it to melt and come back to it in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ll flip up and do the Wyoming Basin. 🌱🌾🌞