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South Pass City, a lonely town that reminded me of the movie Hills Have Eyes. In truth, most of Wyoming had that feel to me. It was an eerie state full of interesting people.
Started my moon and hung out at Atlantic City. The thru-hikers received a hiker breakfast that had the feel of a five-star cuisine exclusive for luxury guests. 😆 Afterwards, Ypsilon and I spent time talking on the porch while we shared double chocolate muffins and homemade oatmeal cookies.
One of the guys that worked at the cabin was named Chris. By first glance, you would never expect him to be a mountain explorer. He was very tall and slim, portrayed a soft and humble energy. I was inspired by his willingness to go out into the snow covered traverses, completely off the grid as he made his own path around the blowdowns. He didn’t view his expeditions as anything extraordinary or special. To him, it was just a casual way to pass time.
Ypsilon offered to send him photos he took of him during the climbs and Chris just brushed it off and said he didn’t need them. I was so drawn to how private he was… it added a new element of mystery to him. It also planted a seed in my mind. I became aware that yes, I enjoy to take photos and to write, but to not lose track of why I’m doing it. Is it for myself or am I trying to impress those around me? Is it to inspire or to show off?
He dropped me off on the dirt road as we paused to look at the distant peaks he trekked just the day prior. Massive rock eminences bulging up out of the ground, submerged in snow and infused with menace. Excitement shone through his eyes as he invited to take me on an expedition through the untraversed land. He said, “We can go right now, I’ll take you. I can’t guarantee you your life, though!” My heart longed for the adventure where experience of death was a possibility, but I found myself saying no. Shortly after, I felt a deep sense of regret. It was a reminder to myself to not let fear take the lead when those opportunities presented themselves. Embracing a challenging situation meant taking a leap of faith with certainty that the experience would break through new layers of my mind.