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MM 977.3: It was less than a year ago that I was in the very same spot, looking at the Colorado mountains I once summited. I thought about who I was and who I have been. A woman of my apparent past, now dead. I reflected on the slow process of self-love and inner strength revealed to me over time. Broken down to utter dust as I was shown how to re-build the courage to put one foot in front of the other. Through the mountains, I was humbled in ways I desperately resisted… silenced so I could listen.
Early in the morning, I approached a lake surrounded by mountain ridges. The weight of crumbling rocks cascaded down her crevices, accented with the last patches of melting snow. I thought to myself, How could something so beautiful come from my own mind?
I took the Creede Cutoff and encountered several blow downs as I walked through a recent burn area. I didn’t mind too much for it was nice to see a new part of Colorado. I also found there to be something mystic and magical about wildfire remnants; symbolic of re-birth. I sat by Goose Creek and enjoyed my Dads homemade ribs. Nothing could compare to the taste of home.
A mile road walk from town in the heat of the day, a woman pulled over to ask me if I wanted a ride in which I replied, “FUCK yes.” She laughed at my response as I threw my pack in the back and jumped in. She happened to be the owner of The Mac Mine and opened her food truck just to make me a sausage and veggie burrito. She sat with me and asked about my life story. Fulfillment was revealed in her eyes as she watched me devour her meal.
I started my walk up the mountain through the old mining grounds and got a ride up on an ATV by a family visiting from Texas. They adored my presence as I appreciated theirs. Kindness of strangers and trust in Spirit’s guidance will always lie in my heart. 💞