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As a child, I grew up being entertained through dance, music and charades. My Dad would play his accordion every season of the year, whether it was to express his happiness or to transmute his sadness.
I’m so grateful that I got to receive such a magical gift of connecting through touch rather than through a computer screen for entertainment… and to be honest, now it takes a lot for me to be truly entertained. Movies, VR, Instagram and TikTok don’t do it for me.
I crave a traditional lifestyle. I prefer the raw experience of life. I prefer the raw experience of a person. There is so much art in the sound of a person’s voice singing unedited, the feeling of looking at the mountains as I’m walking with a backpack on, the experience of dancing with a partner as I trust into the pressure of their hands. Nothing beats that. 🙏🏻🌿✨