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We arrived to Philly and drove to the hotel that we planned to reside in for the weekend. When we walked in, the place was crowded to the rim with Lithuanian folk. I felt at home in that aspect, but out of place when I attempted to talk to people my age. It seemed as if no one wanted to talk to me and that I was perceived as an outcast for not drinking alcohol or wanting to converse about things I wasn’t interested in.
I just kept to myself and ended up being a lot more introverted. I found myself reading my book or journaling every time we went out.
Eventually, I met a man my age named Ricky who was also a fellow traveler. We shared stories of all our latest adventures and insights. I felt so alive and connected to him! We were smiling and laughing right off the bat. We ended up sneaking into the men’s bathroom to play. I knew the moment I looked into his eyes, he was one of my kind. 😈