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Cottonwood Pass Trailhead to Rock Creek Camp: We woke up early and had a scheduled shuttle ride to go up the mountain to Cottonwood Pass Trailhead. Our shuttle driver asked us what made us want to do the JMT, so we shared how we met, along with our own personal aspirations. She said we were an unusual group.
We hung out at Chicken Spring Lake as we sun-bathed and teased Jif for packing out a giant rod of salami. Mo dipped his feet in the water and shouted, “Did you guys see these alpine crabs?” Cool Trail Mom (CTM) yelled back, “On your dick?!” It was in that moment that I felt a sense of home with my tramily.
With her toes in the sand, CTM goes, “This emotion that I’m feeling… I think… yes… I think what I’m feeling is… happiness… yes, I feel happy… yeah, I think that’s what it is.” 😂
We decided to skip Mount Whitney since Jif started experiencing tunnel vision from the altitude and Funky Chicken had a difficult time adjusting from Florida. I had an arduous time as well since I took almost 2 weeks off trail.
I think we thought it would be much easier, but driving from 3,000’ to 10,000’ and hiking right off the bat was playing a number on our lungs. Instead, we took it as a sign to slow down and enjoy the journey we had ahead. We took several breaks throughout the day to take naps, journal and play pinecone volleyball!
On our way to our first campsite we met a tall, blonde cutie from Germany named Celeb. He was in the performance arts, but received his name when he used his satellite device to inform numerous trail angels/locals of fires that sprung up on trail. He became famous in the town of Wrightwood for about 12 full hours.
We invited him to camp with us and he gladly accepted! We set up a spot to have dinner and shortly after, his friend Piss Bag arrived. He was so inspired by our tramily group and said we were quickly becoming trail famous for having such a big group and sticking together after completing the CT.