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Suspension Bridge to South Fork Kings River: Woke up early to start our ascent up Pinchot Pass. After we summited, we made it down to Lake Marjorie and my tramily bathed in the alpine lake while I went to explore the surrounding area barefoot. I climbed atop a rocky hill, with a stellar view of the northern lakes up ahead. The visual of rippling water sent me into a contemplative state while the chilled wind blew on my cheeks.
When I came back to my tramily, Mo was sprawled out on a rock enjoying the sun’s rays. We relaxed for a bit longer and then continued down the pass. I met an older couple named Split and Two-Step who thru-hiked the CDT in ‘17. They told me their favorite spots and what I had to look forward to coming up!
At the end of the day, we set up camp by the river and eventually Celeb came walking down the hill. He joined our circle and within a few minutes decided to camp with us. Our tramily has been known for reeling people in with our good vibes.
I told him I wanted to teach him how to polka dance and he was super open to it! So, we got on stage, the stage being the dirt ground, and I taught him the basic moves! I felt so happy to be dancing with a man… to experience the feeling of his hands interlocking with mine. The freedom of twirling in the dirt, Celeb adorably tripping over his steps, and the endless sound of our laughter merging together. I felt alive. After dinner, we performed in front of all the hiker trash we called tramily.