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Muir Trail Ranch to Bear Ridge Trail: Woke up to several kisses by BD; he whispered, “Happy Birthday” in my ear as I stretched out with a smile.
I put on my bright green knee high socks to start off the day and we celebrated by summiting Seldon Pass. It felt like a slow ascent, but I got to see my tramily at the top as they lifted me up in their arms for a celebratory photo! What more could I ask for during my birthday than to be with the ones I love, doing something I love.
A southbound hiker came over the pass and said our entire group had really loving and exciting energy. We seem to get told that a lot and it always reminds me of how blessed I have been to cross paths with my tribe.
On the way down, I took notice to the way BD found joy in traditional, simple things. Instead of pulling out his phone to check the route, he would pull out a paper map and compass. He would also stop to appreciate the flowers on the side of the trail. His favorite was the tiger lily; said it reminded him of a ginger girl with freckles.
When we made it to camp, Mo looked at BD and I and said, “So… where do you two kids want to camp?!” We laughed and understood that we were making too much noise at night. We took the spot under some pine trees beside a ridge overlooking the valley. We thought they were going to camp kind of close to us but they walked a good .3 miles ahead.
As BD was making dinner, he momentarily turned around to fidget on something. It started to smell like smoke and a few seconds later he revealed a cosmic brownie birthday cake with a stick being used as a candle. He sang happy birthday to me while continuously re-sparking the candle. I felt so loved by the way he used his imagination to make something special for me. I gave him a kiss as he expressed that he really enjoyed spending time with me. I blushed and told him I felt the same way.
We sat on top of the ridge in our sleeping bags as we watched the sunset. An hour later, Bubbly came over with 27 pine needles and two pinecones stacked on top of each other, imitating a layered cake. She started singing happy birthday, gave me a hug and an “I love you.” Truly, one of a kind friends.