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Mammoth to Gladys Lake (x-rated): Before we left the motel, I attempted to glue my HOKA’s back together, even though they were way past their use. I felt I could push them another 100 miles or so.

I enjoyed following BD’s footprints. There was something so magical about prints being left on the rocky sand, as if stamped into the earth for a temporary amount of time… only to be wiped away by another’s or swept away by the elements. I felt inspired to keep the shoes I trekked with for they told a story of what once was. These shoes would tell a story of when I once fell in love on the JMT.

I found BD on the side of the trail sitting amongst a blanket of pine needles, waiting for me. He knew something felt off with me and knew the place where I would feel most grounded. I sat beside him and rested my head upon his shoulder. He let me know if there was anyone I could trust, it was him. I opened up that I was scared of pursuing something deeper with him, for I had certain things that were deal breakers for me… certain things that I could no longer tolerate for I would be going against the guidance of my heart.

Spirit has been communicating with me through numerology and animal symbolism, signs they knew I would pay most attention to. There happened to be a tick on both of us. The tick was a spiritual reminder to stay neutral, for it was easy to get swept away by highs and lows. It was a reminder to stay centered when the Universe tested us instead of letting the emotions take control of us.

When I took some space to process my thoughts, I asked myself what it was that I was truly afraid of. I quickly came to realize I was afraid of a feeling sensation. A feeling of rejection, heartbreak, wasting my time, etc. And then I remembered, So the fuck what. What if I gave it my all and it turned out to fail miserably? At least I could say I tried my best… that would be more than enough.

As I was walking, I saw a pinecone in the sand with a circle drawn around it, courtesy of BD. I smiled and caught up with the group. We went on a side trail to check out the Devil’s Postpile. It held a similar energy to the Big Island of Hawaii, providing a sense of home. The rain clouds started to roll in, so we stopped at Gladys Lake. We enjoyed dinner under Machine’s tarp as we listened to some tunes.

BD and I set up my tent to go to bed. He started changing in front of me and his pheromones were strong after the long day. My eyes became sultry… I excitedly grabbed his raw c*ck and watched him grow rock hard for me in seconds.

He got in the tent and I began fingering myself. “I like when you watch me,” I said. He goes, “I love watching you… I’ve never been so turned on by the scent of someone’s cum.” I became ravenous… I made my way down to have a taste for as long as he would allow me. I deep throated him, tickled the tip of his cock with my tongue and watched him become flushed by my touch. His eyes acute, he grabbed my hair and thrusted his cock down my throat causing me to gag.

Rising up for air, I smacked his slobber covered cock onto my nipples. He groaned and tilted his head back… said he wasn’t going to cum for me just yet. I smiled and said, “Good for me.” I slowly mounted him… locking eyes as I felt every inch of him slide into my warm pussy. He rocked my hips back and forth as we moaned in unison. I dug my nails into the back of his neck, expressing the pleasure I felt while simultaneously getting off to his pain. He told me I was scratching him too hard, so with a condescending tone I asked, “Whatcha gonna do about it?” His eyes shot with intensity. Without hesitation, he choked me forcefully and thrusted his cock as deep as he could, causing me to submit. He turned me around, aggressively pinned my wrists down and began to fuck me from behind. I broke out a smile to the feeling of being fully dominated and controlled.

He bent over with me, making my body push forward with each thrust. I nearly came to the feeling of his strong, dirty, veiny hands holding me hostage underneath his weight. He bit my shoulder like I was his animal while I drooled onto the floor of the tent… and then onto his dirty fingers. I was squirting as I felt every thick inch of his cock in my stomach. Rotating his hips in a circular motion, he would pause deep inside of me so I could feel him throb for me.

Both of us could barely take each other any longer. My face was being pushed into the side of the tent as I tried catching my breath… our Nemo mats were squeaking from our sweat rubbing on it. His face pressed into mine… rustic strands of his hair falling into my mouth… I poured the sound of my moans into his soul.

He flipped me onto my back and told me to spread my legs for him so he could fuck me for a few more moments before he came all over my face. He promised me a huge load of cum. I felt him grow bigger and thicker inside of me… he thrusted deeply one more time and pulled out. I quickly flipped my body around so he could watch me finger myself as he released his load onto me. I opened wide as he shot his hot cum down my throat… all over my neck, my collarbone, my breasts and hair. I felt like such a lucky little girl for getting my dessert before bed time.

Naked and cool, he smoked a joint before going to bed. I watched the way the smoke parted from his lips. A work of art… an aphrodisiac in motion. He kissed me and said he loved how I didn’t let him go to bed until I got an orgasm. He loved how high his sex drive felt with me and that I knew all of the ways to bring it out of him. I kissed his cheek and told him it was all for him.