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(X-rated) Took the Lost Lake Summer Trail which later connected up to the Primrose Trail. I teared up many times in awe of Alaska’s beauty, often feeling that what I was viewing couldn’t be real.

When I came back to the Inn, I took an aphrodisiac chocolate that someone gifted me. I was curious to see if it would work. I had to sit outside for at least two hours doing breathing exercises as I tried to relax my body. I felt like I was building up to an orgasm without even touching myself.

I wrote BD a letter and officially ended what we apparently had. I have gotten used to parting ways with people, yet the feeling of heartbreak continued to be present. Still, I trusted that if it were meant to be, it would be… that with the right person it wouldn’t feel forced.

I had plans to meet up with Cody while my family went fishing in Seward. I was on the balcony when I watched him pull in on his bike. I leaned over the wooden rails and smiled. He asked if I was going to let my hair down like Rapunzel.

He climbed up the stairs, took off his helmet, pulled me in by my waist and started making out with me with so much confidence that I naturally submitted to him in seconds.

I snuck him into the room and laid on the bed for him. He asked if he could take a quick shower and I begged him not to… said I wanted him dirty.

His eyes desperate to have a taste… he took off my shorts and placed his lips onto my yoni as if he was waiting all day for it. He enjoyed pleasuring me for so long, simultaneously fingering me while I drenched him with my cum. He groaned in enjoyment. His cock was rock hard when he came up to give me a kiss, telling me how delicious I tasted.

He penetrated my eyes, told me I was all his and slipped his cock in before I had time to take a breath. The feeling of him being shoved in turned me into an animal. I wanted it hard. He fucked me so forcefully that my head was slamming into the corner of the bed stand. He tried holding my head and said he didn’t want to hurt me. I said, “I don’t mind if you do.” Without hesitation, he instinctively choked me with one hand while shutting my mouth with the other, calling me his naughty girl. He slapped me and said I was gonna get in trouble if Dad walked in on us and caught us in the act.

He flipped me onto my stomach, shoved his cock in. My torso hung off the foot of the bed with my palms on the floor. I could feel my ass shake as he pounded me from behind. He gently traced his fingertips on my wet skin… up my spine… and then scratched me as hard as he could on the way down. He stuck his fingers in my mouth as I looked back at him. Our eyes fierce and locked as he penetrated me.

I told him I wanted to ride him, so he placed me on top and slid his juicy cock in. I started to squirt all over his stomach. Quivering uncontrollably, he watched as the drool from my bottom lip started to fall. He opened his mouth to catch it and I leaned down to meet my lips with his. Aggressively, he flipped me on my side and entangled our legs.

I grinded on his cock and could feel him pulsating for me… our sweat rubbing together… we grabbed each other at every crevice, roll, curve. Our mouths unable to keep off each other. Kissing turned into biting. Biting turned into scratching. Scratching turned into slapping.

He placed my leg over his shoulder, bit my calf and said he was obsessed with all of my body hair. I felt him grow even harder inside of me as he continued to thrust. I came to the image of his eyes fully dilated with attraction and his cock throbbing with heat inside of me.

We momentarily laid down as the warm sunlight came through the curtains, signaling signs of the sunset approaching. After hours of play, the bed was soaked with cum and sweat. I told him we had to go because my Dad was supposed to be back any minute. One of his friends already made it back and was downstairs getting ready to make food for the guys. So, we snuck out and he gave me a ride on his motorcycle to his stealth campsite. It was a spot tucked away in the forest beside a glacial melt river. He showed me around his temporary home in the forest… I rested my head on his shoulder as we watched the water flow on by.