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(X-rated) Mack’s Inn Alternate: Today, I experienced a deep sense of melancholy. A shift in the air, the leaves and grasses were beginning to build frost upon them. Autumn was approaching. I felt a sense of sadness for the trail coming to an apparent end for the year.

My “plan” was to hopscotch to the border and head south as I pieced things together. From there, I was going to hitch back to Pinedale to revisit a hostel I was fond of. Then, I planned to hitch to the west to give hugs to my close friends whom I hadn’t seen in about a year. I wanted to hike one more trail in Oregon, hitch to Seattle and fly out to Alaska. There, I planned to make macramé and go into full hibernation mode. The trail brought out my extroverted side so strongly and intensely that around the winter time, I shut everything and everyone out in order to make space for myself. I naturally needed time to recharge, for it was in the integration that all the lessons came forth.

A few miles before town I got picked up by a super hott older guy. He had dark facial hair, piercing eyes and a deep voice. Within a couple of minutes, he said he loved the schoolgirl look I had going on with my bright green knee high socks. He asked if I wanted to take a detour so we could have some fun. It had been a huge fantasy of mine to get picked up by a hott older guy while hitchhiking and have him fuck me. The less I knew him, the hotter it was. So, I said, “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

He asked my age and I asked his, hoping he would be over 40. When he said 42, I got all giddy. I warned him that I was on my heaviest day of my moon and he goes, “Even better… that means I could cum inside of you.” Huge reason I preferred older men. Guys my age seemed to get squeamish when they found out I had a menstrual cycle.

So, we pulled over on a dirt road beside the main road. He had me get out so he could lean my seat back. Once adjusted, he told me to get in. I replied, “No, you get in.” He smiled, “Mm, you like being on top?” I playfully nudged him, mounted him and started kissing him. I loved feeling the roughness of his five o’clock shadow against my face. I excitedly pulled his hair as he slid his rock hard cock inside of me. He groaned to the feeling of my pussy wrapped around his cock. I dug my nails into the back of his neck and he didn’t even flinch. He choked me and said he wanted to cum inside of me doggy style. I said, “By all means.”

He flipped me over and fucked me so hard that I could feel my ass reverberate with every thrust. His dick kept slipping out and every time I went to slip him back in, my fingers got covered in blood. I placed my bloody fingerprints all throughout his car as I tried to hold onto anything I could as he pounded me further. He stuck his fingers into my mouth, leaned me over the center console and I felt him throb his hot cum inside of me. Then, we both watched as it dripped out of my pussy onto his black leather seat. I smiled and said it reminded me of strawberry frosting.

He dropped me off at a restaurant and we parted ways. My server, immediately able to tell I was a CDT hiker, told me he would take my food order right away since I was probably very hungry. He appeared to be in his early twenties and moved like the wind. Anytime someone needed a refill or some sauce he would sprint across the room to get it. After I got my food, he said he would leave me alone so I could devour it in peace and without shame. He said he really wanted to talk to me and get to know me but couldn’t because he had to work. After I ate, the chef could tell I was still hungry, so he snuck me another basket of chips followed by a head nod. As I was leaving, the server asked if he could give me a hug because he enjoyed my presence so much.

I started hitching towards Leodore and got picked up by a handsome man who had a trailer connected to his pickup. At first, he gave gestures insinuating he wasn’t going to stop, but then I watched as he slowly pulled over. Shortly upon getting in, we stopped at a gas station and he parked in the back. As we were walking inside, he told me to separate because he didn’t want people seeing us together. He bought me some ice cream and pizza and offered me a ride up to the Continental Divide. He took some back roads which slowed us down, but I didn’t mind because I got scenic views and avoided hiking through a lightning storm. He took me to his secret camp spot which was close to where the trail intersected. I decided to camp with him since it was already getting late.

He asked if I wanted to go to some hot springs and I said absolutely yes. He drove me about an hour down a dirt road that reminded me of the Wyoming basin. During our off-road adventure, he asked if I found him attractive in which I said, “Yes, why?” Without hesitation, he replied, “Okay, great. Just so you know, we’re not hooking up.” Blunt, I thought. I let him know I didn’t expect anything of him while at the same time thinking, We’ll see about that. I loved a good challenge.

I knew that with the art of seduction, people were a lot more susceptible to manipulation than they would like to believe. I took what people said with a grain of salt for I knew they had walls put up. Yet, beneath the surface, they wanted to break free. It was a game of reverse psychology, getting into their mind, puncturing their soul, paying extra attention to their ticks. Each man was seduced differently. It was on me to pay close attention to the signs. Signs of when they blushed, smiled, let out a sigh. I payed attention to their triggers, to words that accidentally slipped out of their mouth, to things that made them vulnerable. Did they prefer more attention? Less? Did they want the appearance that they were the ones seducing me instead? Did they prefer a gentle approach or a bold one? Did they want the ditsy girl or the intellectual? I could play any role they wanted. With this man in particular, I could tell he wanted the quiet/shy girl with hints of ditsy. The girl who appeared innocent, vulnerable; she didn’t know the power she held between her legs.

We got to the hot springs which were actually lukewarm springs. I only dipped halfway into the milky pond because it was too cold for my liking. He stared at my naked body in adoration and I felt him open up for me. He asked to look at my tattoos so I gave him a tour. He traced his fingertips along my tatted skin and my nipples grew erect.

After we got out, he gifted me some thigh high polka dot socks along with a mini lingerie dress that he got from his trailer. The straps were cut off and a slit was made near the upper thigh, giving it a rugged look. I threw his jacket on, crossed my legs and looked out the window in a soft aura of silence. He goes, “Something about the way you look in those socks with my jacket on is extremely hott.” I smiled, thanked him in a sweet voice and continued to look out the window.

I asked if he could stop in the middle of the road as I wanted to get a better look at the heavenly sunset. He took pictures of me dancing on the road, his eyes watching me in adoration.

We came back to the car and talked about all sorts of things on the drive home. Insights we’ve had, our life stories, understanding each other’s patterns and upbringings. We watched the wildlife on the road with binoculars. When we made it back to the site, I asked if I could sleep with him for the night since I was too tired to set up my tent. He had already planned to invite me in.

He pulled me close and let me play with his chest hair, my breathing heavy. He reminded me so much of a past lover, Professor, from last year’s thru-hike. Mid 40s, gray hair, masculine hands, deep voice, rustic skin.

I pushed my knee into his groin and felt him throb for me multiple times. I let out an ever so slight moan and felt his body rise with heat. All he could say was, “I have control.” I sensed his weakness. He started to ask about my sexual experiences, what I liked and what types of fetishes I had. The questions consisted solely of sex. I knew he was beginning to chip away.

I pretended to fall asleep, showing that I felt indifferent to his touch. With aggression, he pulled me on top of him. My back was pressed against his stomach with my head resting in the warm crevice of his neck.

He grabbed hold of my hips and had me grind on his massive hard cock. He took my hand and guided it into my panties. I could feel my pussy dripping with cum from how much he was teasing me. He touched me everywhere besides my breasts and pussy, yet he made it feel as though we were fucking. My body was vibrating with need. He pinned me down and started grinding on me in every position. He even took his cock out to let me admire his size. He started to jack off for me while I fingered myself to his image. He tells me, “I knew you were a nymph the moment I saw you.”

After breaking out a sweat, I layed down and asked him if he was married and he said no, although he was divorced. After a long pause he admitted, “But, I am in a relationship with someone I really like.” I asked how long and he said he’d prefer not to say.

He asked for my advice and perspective on the situation we were in. He was very open to listening and I said to him, “I don’t mind that you’re in a relationship, but don’t say you really like this person that you’re with and then grind your cock all over another girl. In my opinion if you were genuinely in love, you wouldn’t even be called to look upon someone else with lust.” He pondered and got a little defensive. He didn’t feel as if he was cheating since his dick never went inside of me. I let the situation go and allowed myself to get some rest.