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MM 2583.6: Accidentally hitched to Anaconda. This wasn’t the first time I hitched the wrong way. I noticed 20 minutes into the ride and was like fuck it, guess I’m going to Anaconda and heading north from there. The funniest part was that I was sitting on the wrong side of the road with minimal traffic while the other side was cruising with cars. Regardless, I got picked up by a lovely lady named Tracy. She told me she often got mistaken as a lesbian due to her stubby build paired with her short hair and baggy clothes. We talked a lot about Jesus and of the ways He changed our lives.
Once I arrived to Anaconda, I spent the night at Pintler’s Portal Hostel. I ran into Wild Turkey, whom I met when I was in the desert section of the PCT! He remembered me as Goldie which was what my friend Orange Man used to call me because of the golden highlights I had in my hair. I also saw Corn Cobb’s name written in chalk on the bathroom wall. He was a former PCT hiker who was hiking the CDT SOBO this year. I never ran into him this year. The main memory I had of him on the PCT was when he came into our campground with a large group of friends. It was late at night and we were drying our shoes out over the fire. He was the life of the party, making all of us first time thru-hikers laugh hysterically from his crazy AT stories. He was trying to think of a trail name for me and suggested Fluff since I was eating marshmallow fluff. That was also the time I heard about the famous trail name Edward Shitterhands for the first time.
So, the next day, I woke up early and joined the Anaconda Cutoff. I got offered a few rides during the road walk and eventually connected back to the red line. The section reminded me a lot of Tehachapi along with several parts of New Mexico. The wind was super strong and I could feel the chill of fall approaching. I got new shoes so the treading felt absolutely magnificent. I kept looking at my footprints in awe of the depth.
I met a couple of hikers named Mouse and Heavy D. When I asked what his trail name meant, he told me it was up for interpretation. I sat with them at their mini picnic setup beside the trail. They gave me a cold chicken nugget and I gave them some Cheeto Puffs.