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(X-rated) Most of us hikers cowboy camped overnight and woke up around 5:30am. As a group, we walked to the lodge to indulge in the $15 breakfast buffet. It was in that moment I understood how much hikers were driven by food.
Once at the buffet, I commented how we all looked homeless in comparison to the people there. One of the group members sent a smile my way and said, “We are home free, not home less.” I had a feeling that was going to stick with me.
After our feast, we got a ride to Two Medicine so we could get our permits for Glacier situated. We had approximately 100 miles left to Canada!!! It felt surreal knowing the finish line was so close.
Once we made it back to the hostel, a few of us decided to walk into town. I sat on a bench beside the highway intersection. Knee Melter saw me and made his way over to sit beside me. I placed my leg on top of his thigh and looked into his eyes. He says to me, “Hmm. I’m trying to think about what I want to do with you when I come back from Canada. Do I want to jerk off every night for five days thinking about you OR do I want to edge myself and blow a huge load on you when I see you? And where… Do I want you to swallow the whole load or do I want to cum on your face? Do I want to cum on your tits or do I want to cum on your pussy and use it as lube to keep fucking you?” My jaw dropped. He pinched my nipples, got up and walked away to get a box from the post office. He turned around with a smile that said he knew my pussy was hooked on him.
Later, he took me out for lunch at the Two Medicine Grill. We sat on spinning red chairs that reminded me of the 1950s. He opened up about how he wanted to publicly share in his writings about something personal and life changing that he went through. I fully supported him and thought it would be a great way to heal through any pain and get some closure.
We also partook in conversation about what got us off in bed. My very first guide in Hawaii gave me the confidence to open up to my partners about my fetishes and I saw now what a state of love it meant to be in. To be so vulnerable and raw with someone in the midst of sexual play. I realized I might as well be honest about what I was into—and to my surprise—most people have been so open to the experience.
As we walked back to the hostel, he told me he had to pee and gave me a smile that implied he wanted to release it on me. We hopped off the sidewalk and snuck into the forest, close to someone’s backyard. In broad daylight, I got on my knees and throat fucked his cock. He told me I had to take his cumshot down my throat before he pissed on me. I was a good girl and swallowed his entire load. Then, I laid down in the brush, spread my legs open for him and played with my clit until I got to feel his warm piss on my yoni. I begged to be soaking wet with his piss by the time I made it back to the hostel.
At the hostel, Lemonhope asked if I washed his cum off my body and I said, “Absolutely not.” It was still all over my back, shirt and jacket. I felt happy to let his cum soak into my skin throughout the day—now mixed with another man’s cum and piss—made it even better.