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MM 2911.7: Started hiking from Two Medicine. We had to take a reroute since some cows had escaped and died during the winter. As they started to thaw, about 20-30 grizzly bears started to feast on them and they became really defensive over their meat.
It was another incredibly windy day, but very appreciated as it was blazing hot. The views had me stopping every half a mile to fully appreciate what was given to my perception. There were crimson red rock formations, waterfalls that appeared to be cascading from the Heavens, bundles of swaying pine trees and new land emerging out of the burn areas.
At the end of the day, I got to Red Eagle Campground. I was technically supposed to camp a mile further but the wind was super strong and up ahead was a burn area that looked fully exposed. So, I chose the more tucked away area under a couple of pine trees.
Two section hikers were there so I hung out with them by the fireplace. They said they were going to bombard me with questions about thru-hiking and that, they did.
I was really attracted to the 41 year old, named Jim. I sat close beside him once the sparks from the fire started to grow and caught bits of my down jacket. I could tell he was interested in me, too, however I had been immensely tired so I listened to my body and called it a night. He told me he lived in Salt Lake City, so offered me his home for when I hitched out west.
On my way to bed, Knee Melter came through camp all high energy. I gave him hugs and smiles, excited to see him! He reciprocated and then teased me for not camping where my designated permit told me to.