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March 20 2023, Siler’s Bald Shelter to Newfound Gap: Woke up early, all three of us stoked to be alive and to have survived the below freezing night. We made jokes that we would never complain about the weather being cold after what we experienced.
I told my group I would meet them at Newfound Gap around noon. I had a trail angel named Ropeburn who offered to give my tramily and I a ride down to Gatlinburg! He also wanted to meet me to pick my brain about some other trails I hiked.
I climbed the high point of the AT by early morning—Clingmans Dome. I felt so grateful that the elevation was lower than 7k. It felt so good to be able to breathe without panting as I climbed up in altitude.
The moment I started going downhill it was nothing but frozen ice streams. I didn’t feel like eating shit again so decided to road walk the last few miles. Right when I was about to get on the pavement, I heard a guy singing loudly. I looked over to see Voodoo with a group of young looking fellas walking up the road.
He saw me pop out of the woods and yelled, “Is that Freyja?!” I yelled, “My loooveee!!!” He gave me a hug and said, “I missed you, baby girl.” I smiled and said, “Come hangout with us in Gatlinburg! We’re gonna get a place with a hot tub!” He goes, “Why do you want me to come there?”
“So we can have some fuuun,” I winked.
“You already got three dudes fighting over you. I bet your boys would be reaaal jealous if they saw me with you. I don’t want any part of that shit. You let me know when you want to hang out with just me.”
The boys he was hiking with looked to be like Boy Scouts, however they were just kids from high school on spring break. Voodoo met them when him and Pink were sleeping in the bathroom at Newfound Gap. They befriended each other and the kids trusted Voodoo and Pink to be experienced hikers. They were trying to get to Clingmans Dome so Voodoo offered to guide them up there. He goes, “Freyja, Freyja—look at this!” He turned one of the kids to the side and revealed a machete and an ice axe strapped to the side of their pack. I teased, “Oh, that’s cute.”
I dropped my pack and took my rain gear off as Voodoo commented on how good I looked in my jellyfish leggings. He looked at me seductively and sent me an air kiss. I sent him one back and he was on his way. Loved a guy whom I could flirt with so easily… there was so much natural tension between us, too… as if when I first saw him, I just wanted to go straight in for a kiss but resisted the urge.
Once I got to the parking lot of Newfound Gap, I got offered some Coca Cola from a stranger. Then, I met up with our trail angel Ropeburn! He let me sit in his warm car while the heat blasted on my face and warmed up my extremities. We waited for the rest of my tramily to show up and started our drive down to town.
Once there, we chose the first lodging area we saw which happened to be Motel 6. We split the cost of the room and when we got inside, everything was either broken or non-existent. There were wires in place of where the phone used to be. The fire alarm was missing. The faucet handle broke upon touching it. The shower handle was inoperable. There were dead cockroaches by the doorway. But, in all honesty, we didn’t care. We were just stoked to have a warm bed and a place to stay for a couple of nights.
Ropeburn hung out with us in the room as we got settled in. First thing first, I went to take a shit. I hadn’t pooped in two days since it was too cold outside to even think about. So, the poop ended up being massive which ended up clogging the toilet. In panic, I pushed the handle up and down aggressively which caused the water to rise even more.
I called to Pink, “The toilet is clogged! Please help!! Just don’t look at my poop!!!” He bursted in and yelled, “It’s okay, I’m a man! I got it!” He opened and closed the top tank, then said, “Hold on, I have to pee!” Hysterical, I yelled, “You can’t, the water is rising!” He peed in the shower instead and continued to get down to business.
He couldn’t fix it, so Sasquatch put a buff over his nose and came in to the rescue. I firmly said, “DON’T look at it! Girls don’t poop!! Now everyone’s going to know that’s a lie!!” He laughed, lifted the lid and the water quickly started flooding out. He goes, “Yeah, we’re fucked.” I laughed hysterically at the situation I was in and said, “You can’t tell ANYONE!” Sasquatch goes, “Ohhhh, you gotta write about this in your blog!”
I ran out the door, opened the motel lobby door and yelled, “THE TOILET IS FLOODING!” The receptionist looked at the plumber who was outside unloading his truck. He nodded his head in acknowledgement that he overheard and walked right into our room as if it was an everyday occurrence. I panicked, “There’s poop in the toilet!!” He goes, “All good. I’ve seen a lot of shit in my day.” He took care of it while I got roasted by my tramily for clogging the Motel 6 bathroom five minutes into being there.
After those shenanigans, we went to Dick’s Last Resort. They folded a hat for me and placed it on top of my head. Unaware of what it said, I looked at my friends and asked if it was accurate to who I was and everyone went silent and just didn’t move. I later found out it read, “The Health Dept. closed my legs due to toxic waste.”
Afterwards, we went to resupply at the grocery store. Ropeburn and I got to talking about polyamory and monogamy. I said to him, “I’m a complete whore when I’m single, but in a relationship I’m not about that life.” Pink overheard and said, “I am just so entertained by the shit that comes out of your mouth.” I let him know I felt the same way about him.
We made it back to the room and I quickly started feeling tired. I laid down as Ropeburn sang us some songs. Later, he gifted us a necklace and did a tarot card reading for me. My question for the reading was, “Will I ever see through this illusion?” Of course I already knew that the illusion was seen through, but it was still fun to ask unimportant questions.
Voodoo eventually rolled in near the evening and decided to crash with us. He looked for a place to set up his mat and I pointed to the floor beside my side of the bed. He made himself comfortable as Checkmate laid down on the bed beside me. Sasquatch grabbed and gave my ass a little slap with his cold hands as a little goodnight gesture.
Checkmate grabbed my waist and pulled me close while I stretched my right arm down towards Voodoo. I grabbed hold of his hand and told him how much I loved his hands—physically masculine and tough, revealing a story of hard work. A man’s hands often felt like windows to the soul for me, just the same as eyes.
Lights out—we began to secretly trace each others skin… along our forearms, dancing and interlacing our fingers in between the movements. Contact dancing through intuitive touches, pushes and pulls, as though breathing through touch.
Checkmate began tracing his fingers on the side of my hips, making his way up to my hair—tugging sensually. Voodoo and I let our nails out on each other—scratching for a little suggestive play. I smiled and thought about how nice it felt to have two men caressing me, even better yet that it was unknowingly.
Something about Voodoo was so intriguing to me. I wasn’t sure why I was so attracted or inspired towards him, but the guidance was there. Only time would tell and only Spirit would reveal.