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(X-rated) March 27 2023, Walnut Mountain Shelter to Laughing Heart Hostel: As Voodoo and I were walking down the trail, he says to me, “I want to tie you up to a tree, leave bruises on your legs and make you swallow my cum.” He stopped mid-walk, turned around to grip my neck and kissed me. As our lips parted, I said, “Mmm, my favorite.”
We made it down to Hot Springs and walked directly into Laughing Heart Hostel. My friend Caboose and Gump trail angel’d a room for me—two nights stay! I felt so grateful that people whom I hadn’t even met yet wanted to help me out on my journey! Thanks for the love, guys!
Out of our excitement, Voodoo threw me onto the bed and kissed me. He said, “You’re beautiful, you know that?” We got on the topic of communicating feelings. He asked me if I ever found it difficult to talk to people and I said yes. That is, I only found it difficult when I believed that there was someone outside of me. When it came to sharing feelings about an apparent “problem”, I would prefer to keep things to myself, for I knew that anytime I experienced a judgement of a person or a situation, that I was fully responsible for making it that way. If I felt an energy of anger or blame, I would prefer to be in a state of silence and hand it over to the Holy Spirit instead. I knew that people couldn’t really give me the comfort I was looking for, so often times it felt like a waste of energy to try and lean on them.
Voodoo and I had a heart to heart—he was feeling upset and alone. I brought up God and he goes, “God is a tricky concept for me, but my life did get a whole lot easier when I gave everything up to something bigger than me.” I asked how he found God for himself and he said, “I was looking at a tree one day and I thought about its roots and the fruit it bore. Then, I thought about the whoosh whoosh sound of the cars in the distance as they zoomed past. And then, I realized how tiny and insignificant I was in the grand scheme of things. I realized how everything was connected and how I was connected to everything.”
Later, I talked to a guy named First Pump in the kitchen. His friends were waiting for him by the fire, but he decided to help me make undercooked pancakes instead. I was really attracted to his smile and the way his face flushed when we laughed. I could tell he wanted me and I wanted him, too—I longed for a chance to play with someone new. Voodoo walked by in the background and quickly flashed a colorful jump rope. He raised his eyebrows up and down, insinuating for me to come in the room so I could get tied up. I blushed, parted ways with First Pump and followed my Master into the bedroom.
Voodoo laid me on the bed as he teasingly kissed my pussy over my black loner skirt, telling me how much he desired to taste me. I wondered if he could feel the heat I was giving off. Gently nibbling my inner thighs, he looked up at me from below with that signature under-look. I’ve never had a guy pierce me with his eyes the way he did. I knew that he knew he had me under the spell of his gaze. He goes, “I have your mind right where I want it,” then grabbed the rope and came back up to me as he firmly said, “Open your legs.”
I obeyed. Starting slowly, he tied the ropes around my shins and upper thighs, locking it in place through the loops under my calves. I placed my wrists together behind my back as he tied them together… pulling the cord tighter as I almost lost circulation. My legs now fully tied up… my wrists locked behind my back—no way to escape from the grip of the ropes digging into my skin. He looked at me while he slid his pants off, then put my legs over his shoulders and slid himself in.
His cock felt so big to me that even through locked wrists, I still found a way to dig my nails into his legs. I could tell by the way he looked at me that I was going to get it. I said, “You make me want to act up.” He goes, “Awe, man. See, that’s where we’re gonna have some problems.” He aggressively locked my hand under his knee and pinned the other one down over my head as he called me a whore and spat on my face. I tried to push him away, but he just smiled mischievously and said, “It turns me on when you push away from me.”
He choked me and said, “You’re gonna take it and you’re gonna fucking like it,” then opened my mouth so he could spit down my throat. He flipped me over to my stomach, slid my left knee towards my shoulder, smacked my ass to a bright red color and slid himself back in. He fucked me to the point of whimpering.
Still tied up—now with swollen redness—he placed me on top of him and had me ride him until I squirted all over him. He choked me as if he wanted to take me out, then pulled out and came all over himself.
Covered in sweat and my pussy juices, he asked, “You know what I love about you?”
I looked up at him, “What’s that, baby?”
He released a breath of satisfaction and said, “I love that you make me feel like a man.”