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(X-rated; ***This experience was fully consensual) March 28, 2023:
Today, I physically distanced myself from Voodoo in order to work on my blog as I felt he was too good at distracting me with his sexual advances. On my way down to the Artisun Gallery & Café, I met a guy whom I had a quick interaction with. When I introduced myself as Freyja, he blushed, looked down at his feet and smiled, “I heard about you.” Hope it was something dirty.
I came back from town after journaling all day to find Voodoo sitting on the grass hill. I sat down in his lap and kissed him in front of everyone—whispering how much I missed him.
I picked up several boxes that were sent to me from some trail angels who wanted to support me on the trail. I grabbed a sharp knife from the kitchen and went to open them in my room. I felt beyond grateful to receive a plethora of freeze dried meals, snacks, clothing, ointments and essential oils from loved ones!
Voodoo came in to tell me he wanted to try out the rope which he bought from the hardware store, so I submitted to his request. I sat down on the bed while he tied the first cord around my neck. He asked if it was tight and when I said yes, he said, “I know. I could see your veins popping out.” He didn’t loosen it.
He continued to tie the ropes around my breasts, quickly working his way down my body. I was so turned on by how fast and slickly his hands moved. He would hold the excess rope with his teeth as he strategically decided where to place it next. He would lift my arms and legs as he saw fit—I watched as his eyes would draw an image of me in his mind of how he wanted me to look covered in ropes. I was used to men watching YouTube videos as they did shibari knots on me and it would take them an hour to figure it out. Voodoo, on the other hand, could tie me up in 30 seconds. He was focused, alert and confident despite his growing erection for me.
He didn’t give me any leeway to get out. It would sting if I even attempted. I so desperately wanted to open the windows so that people walking by could watch, but he didn’t let me have that joy.
He piled a load of saliva in his mouth and spat it on my face, then rubbed it all over with the palm of his hand. He grabbed his mirror marker and told me to sit up straight and broaden my naked chest. In large letters he wrote, “VOODOO’S CUM SLUT.” I loved being owned and degraded by him, even if only for a moment of pretend.
I stuck out my tongue—a dripping piece of saliva hung invitingly from the tip of my tongue—Voodoo came to lick it up. Then, he nibbled on my nipples as I squealed in coveted pain. He placed the palm of his hand on my sternum as he pushed me back down onto the bed. He began grinding his rock hard bulge into me while our shorts troublesomely blocked our desperate need for one another.
He stood above me, whipped out his rock hard cock over his briefs and had me throat fuck him until I gagged. With the taste of his pre-cum teasing me, my pussy throbbed and I yearned for his cock. But knowing I would be on the verge of begging soon, he only gave me that little taste and it didn’t take long until I desperately started craving the feeling of him inside me.
After releasing me from his grip, I decided to take a little stroll through town. I ran into Cornelius and he showed me the Victorian styled house he was taking a zero in. Then, we went to Tobacco Road to find that the store had a pet rooster named Wayco who was nine years old! He had his own post cards and printed photos for sale. The shop owner let us hold him and follow him around the store for a bit.
Cornelius invited Voodoo and I to the hot springs later in the evening—we were all for it! He booked us a session at the resort and a couple of other hikers joined us as well. We had a big tub to ourselves and got to get fully naked as we submerged and enjoyed the view of the river! It felt so healing to soak our sore muscles and spend some time with friends in an intimate setting.
Afterwards, Voodoo and I went to Vinyl Pies Pizza. It was one of the top five pizzas I ever ate. The dough was perfectly undercooked to my liking and the oil dripped down my forearm as I took a bite—absolute perfection. While there, we ran into a couple of trail angels, husband and wife, who told us they would be doing trail magic tomorrow morning right out of Hot Springs!
I came back in my room to continue journaling. Voodoo laid down next to me while he “casually” practiced tying shibari knots. My eyes kept looking over at him, becoming sultry. Spit nearly dripping from my bottom lip, with a weakened voice I beseeched, “You can’t do that around me when you know I’m trying to work.” He let out a smirk and told me to mind my business, yet still I couldn’t focus when his veiny hands were making knots that I so desperately wanted to be in. I closed the journal and gave him my body.
He practiced all sorts of new knots on me—I couldn’t help but feel giddy. I kept trying to sneakily open the curtains so people could sneak a glance, but every time I did, he would just start laughing as he attempted to cover up my body. It felt so healing to break out into consistent laughter during our sexual exploration. Shibari felt like a place where we got to use our imagination and make art in a space of full surrender and trust.
He double checked as he made sure my entire body was fully locked and escape-proof. Then, he grabbed the knife on the bed stand. Gripping the handle, he placed the blade below my neck… adding pressure as I lifted my chin. My breath became present to me. Slowly, he grazed the knife’s tip down my cleavage… my ribs… my stomach… curving the sharp edge all the way down the sides of my ass. He said, “I’m just having too much fun with you.”
He returned his eyes to me and quickly pinned the tip of the knife over my heart. He started pushing into my skin, the pain causing me to whimper. He brought his lips up to my ear and whispered, “You like that?” My body quivered in a perfect balance of fear and arousal. Naturally, my legs opened up for him.
He placed the knife back on the table, then pulled my hips to the edge of the bed. He removed my panties, slowly kissing my inner thighs. He looked up at me while he placed his lips on my yoni, delicately working his tongue up and down the heat of my slit. His eyes rolled back as he moaned and let me know how good I tasted over and over again. He covered my pussy in his saliva, grabbing hold of my outer thighs as he pulled me closer. When he picked up the pace, I scooted my hips back—an overload of pleasure, my legs shaking completely out of my control. I held him away for a few seconds as the sensitivity subsided. He waited patiently as he kissed my inner thigh. I felt myself go into a dream state zone—everything went quiet—just him and I.
He came back up to me, rubbing the tip of his dick between my lips. He slid himself in as his eyes turned aggressive with each progressing inch.
“You’re a fucking whore,” he growled. “You like getting fucked like a whore?” He rammed it in deeper. “You love it, don’t ya?”
Smiling, I let out a broken moan, “Yes, baby. I fucking love taking your cock.”
He choked me, “Good. Cause you’re my little whore now,” then spat all over my face.
My eyebrows scrunched up as my face intensified with pure rage. He picked up on it and forcefully slapped me, followed by an even harder backhanded slap, putting me in an even further state of vexation.
I could feel his cock becoming swollen with arousal as he tried to keep himself from exploding with cum. I begged him to keep giving it to me—hard, rough and without consideration if it was hurting me. He picked up the pace, holding direct eye contact with me as he came all over my tits—his body making involuntary contractions from the intensity of pleasure.
He laid down beside me—both of us covered in sweat and each others juices. After he caught his breath, he made a comment saying he had to pee really bad. I raised my eyebrows implying I wanted to give him a helping hand.
We skipped through the hallway, greeted someone in the kitchen as we ran into the bathroom. I got undressed, hopped in the shower and squatted on my knees. Without warning, his hot piss stream abruptly hit my chest. Immediately, I stuck out my tongue to get a taste. He was beyond delicious… his taste even more addictive than I though it would be. I started gulping with my mouth wide open. He loudly asked, “Are you swallowing it??” I could only imagine what the guy in the kitchen was thinking as the walls were paper thin. I watched as my facial expression changed from being playful to being ravenous. I grabbed his cock and held it as I drank as much of his stream as I could. With a smile on his face, he watched me in complete shock and disbelief. When he finished, he shook the last droplets of piss onto my face and said, “You’re fucking filthy.”
He put on his clothes and went outside to smoke a cigarette while I went back to the bed. He stood outside my window, so I opened it and he went off on a plethora of jokes about what just happened. He couldn’t believe how dirty I was to have swallowed his piss. He said, “The entire time I thought your mouth was just really deep. I kept waiting for you to spit it out… but you never did.” After a long pause, he goes, “Who hurt you??” We were in tears from how much we laughed over it. Despite all the jokes, I could feel he desired to do it again, especially after he saw how much it got me off.
As we laid in bed, he felt a sense of sadness come over him. Earlier, I had communicated that I wanted to hike alone again. He felt as if I was sick of him, that I wanted to move on and I reassured him it had nothing do with him but just the way my mind worked after being around people for an extended period of time. He said, “I know you set your boundaries with me in the very beginning, but I can’t help but feel down.” We were both crushing on one another pretty hard, that was obvious, but I had to follow the guidance, no matter if I was feeling a bit down, too.
He apologized for not understanding how to maneuver in a relationship, “I didn’t have any good role models growing up. My mom shot heroin and couldn’t take care of us because she was always high. So, I don’t really know how to be in a healthy relationship, but all I can do is live and learn as I watch through others and pick up things along the way as best I can.”