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(X-rated) April 22, 2023:
My friend Jasper took me to the free pancake breakfast happening at the park first thing in the morning. I waited in line patiently for the delicious dessert. I found it cute to find Knee Melter putting food on hikers’ plates as he volunteered to help out.
After I loaded up on calories, Jasper took me out mountain biking on the Dragonfly Trail. I had been seeing so many dragonfly references this year—felt my Spirit guides had been letting me know more than ever that I was on the right path.
It felt so healing for my mind to go on a bike ride and soak in the energy of the desert again. My soul appreciated being in a more solitary space surrounded by the simplicity of nature. I was nourished by the simple tuning in of the present moment as I listened to the sounds of the wind and the wheels cruising through the terrain.
It was funny because he mentioned it was one of the easier mountain bike paths, yet I felt pretty intimidated. After walking on foot for so long, traveling on a bike felt way too fast. It seemed as if I was on a roller coaster, flying through sharp and windy turns. The rocks, roots and ramps nearly caused me to fall off my bike a few times when I tried to keep balance!
When we got back to his car, Jasper shared with me that he was a widow.
“I met the love of my life and I only got to be with her for nine years before she died of cancer,” he said, ”I searched for this woman my whole life and I finally found her.”
On her death bed, she said to him, “I want you to promise me two things… I want you to go on living and I want you to go on loving.”
And so he did. Now, he seemed to be caught up in some love triangles with a few different women.
He brought me back to Trail Days to check out some vendors. The weather felt much more enjoyable this year in comparison to last year. There were also more hikers that I got to meet this time through. In the afternoon, they were taking a group picture of all the CDT thru-hikers, so I decided to join in! A couple of guys helped me get up on the ledge for a higher shot.
Bud was waiting for me at one of the picnic tables, but I got distracted when someone pulled me over for an interview video, so I said “fuck it.” They said I could talk about whatever I wanted and I asked if that meant I was allowed to talk about my x-rated blog to which they said no. I could clearly see the pattern now—constantly feeling as if I had to censor myself and feeling victimized because of it. I still did the interview, however it didn’t feel as if I was authentic. I was over the game of feeling like I had to alter my words and persona to appease the crowds.
After the interview, I hung out with Knee Melter and Bud while we reminisced of our time on the CDT. It felt nice to share memories of our different backcountry experiences in the Gila Wilderness, Yellowstone and Glacier. We joked about bear stories and hitchhiking adventures, recalling funny memories of all sorts.
Then, Bud took me on a drive up the dirt road again so we could play. He said I made him nervous and I told him I didn’t perceive it in him. I proceeded to grab his inner thigh so he could feel some blood rush down to his cock. He asked if I wanted to fuck in the car or in the desert. I chose the car—something about tight spaces got me off.
When we got situated in his backseat, he ravenously removed my underwear and went down on me. Then, he stuck his finger into my pussy and I moaned while he circulated his tongue around my clit. Everything around me felt as if it slowed. I didn’t have to think about anything other than physical pleasure—my drug of choice.
I raised myself up and mounted him while he continued to finger me. I rotated my hips to the movement of each insertion.
He whispered, “Fuck, you’re so hot,” then entered his cock into my cunt.
We both took each other in, merging as we grabbed at each others skin—both of us moaning at each grasp and thrust. He was such a sweet lover, letting me ride on him at my own pace—thick long cock all just for me.
He pushed his rod deeper inside of me, causing me to squirt like a fountain. It felt like a mini orgasm as the explosion of hot liquid came out of me. I soaked his stomach, crotch and thighs with my juices… digging my nails into his arm as I transferred the euphoric energy.
“I’ve never experienced a woman who squirted that much,” he said.
Shortly after, he accidentally came all over his chest and stomach.
Then, out of breath, he said, “I could keep going.”
He wasn’t kidding. Still rock hard, he reinserted himself and continued to fuck me as if he didn’t just blow his load. His body shook from the sensitivity, but it didn’t stop him from filling me up with his thickness.
I made eye contact with a guy who drove past us on his motorcycle. I revealed a mischevious smile. It turned me on so much that I sat on Bud’s cock even deeper and squirted all over him again. I could feel the way my pussy opened up when I was in a public setting, especially if there were people actively watching.
Then, he had me suck him off so I could swallow his cum. I drooled over the taste of his seed shooting down the back of my throat. I was all smiles and satisfied with my mission—told him I wanted him to visit me whenever he decided to make it back down to the east coast.
He drove me back down to town and I went out for ice cream with Skylar. I forgot he was watching over his friend’s little kid, so I was surprised when I saw him with a five year old girl.
As soon as I walked into the ice cream shop, she yelled, “Hi, Mommy!” and ran up to give me a hug.
I looked at Skylar in complete horror. That was the way he liked to prank me. He knew how uncomfortable it would make me and he hit the nail on the head. I wasn’t fond of kids much, nor did I want any of my own, so hearing a little girl call me “mommy” and try to hug me with her ice cream covered hands and face felt like a living nightmare.
After that, I went out to eat with Knee Melter for one last hoorah before parting ways for the year. We got some sandwiches at the Toad and enjoyed the calm energy of the place, unlike the day prior. Something about being in his space brought me back to the days where I felt like a true adventurer. His energy reminded me of a time with more simplicity, a more authentic character trait in myself and a path directed towards what my heart desired.