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(X-rated) April 29 2023, Kimberling Creek to Brushy Mountain Outpost:
Pusher and I decided to slackpack a section today. First thru-hiker we saw on trail asked if he could take a photo of us so he could look back on all the people he met on trail.
When he asked for our names, he said, “Oh! I read about you guys.”
Pusher and I both looked at each other and blushed.
“Of course you did,” Pusher said under his breath.
We continued hiking and I felt some intense tooth pain arise. I had a feeling I needed to get a root canal. I broke down crying as I was climbing up the hill and told him I needed a moment to feel through the pain. The most intense wave would seem to last a good hour and it seemed as though I couldn’t focus on anything other than the immense pressure on my gums.
We came upon a down tree in the middle of the trail. Pusher was walking in front of me and he turned around when it was my turn to climb over it. I made eye contact with him as I slowly mounted the log and spread my legs open for him, revealing my bare pussy.
“You’re such a dirty little girl,” he said.
He slapped my pussy, said I smelled so good.
Then, he made a comment about having to pee. I smirked at the thought of him possibly releasing himself onto my bare skin. He could tell I was craving him, so he found an old forest road and led me down far enough where no one could see us. I wished he would have let me pick a spot that was more open where other hikers could watch us, but he didn’t permit it. We dropped our packs atop a damp pile of leaves and branches. He stood in front of me and unzipped his pants, unloading his bare cock right in front of my face.
“Where do you want my piss?” he asked.
“On my pussy,” I said.
He said my tone was so submissive that it felt like heroin to him. I smirked and laid down on the leaf covered forest floor, panting, for I knew I would soon receive warm droplets of gold.
As his stream hit my clit, I could feel the waves of pleasure rolling through my body. I made him look into my eyes as he released himself and marked me with his scent.
“Spoiled bitch,” he said to me.
I took the last of his stream into my mouth and savored the salty taste as long as he would let me. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into my mouth. I felt him growing hard as I was growing wet. I pleaded for him to fuck me.
I got on all fours and spread my knees into the dirt, grabbing the girth of his cock. Roughly, I inserted the bulging head of his cock into my pussy. He fucked me so hard that all I could think about was the pounding of his thrusts against my ass. He made me turn around and swallow his load. I took his cock in my mouth—fully covered in my cum and ready to receive his full load. I swallowed every drop, a gift all just for me.
“Good,” I said, “now I have both your piss and my cum dripping down my leg.”
He tilted his head and took a peek.
“Oh yes you do,” he said with a smirk.
I stood up and wiped the leftover cum off the corner of my lips. My knees were covered in dirt and remnants of tattered leaves.
As we started walking again, he said, “I can still smell you on me. Your scent is addictive.”
Silence as my reply, he asked me what was on my mind.
“Voodoo,” I said.
In all honesty, I hadn’t stopped thinking about him since I parted ways with him. He had infiltrated my mind. There was no one who tasted like him or could make my pussy throb with such ease. His scent… intoxicating. I remembered how I would lay beside him at night, my face resting on his arm as he would breathe and I would inhale his very essence. His breath, that of fumes from a place I had long been searching for. He felt like home and I would run to him if only he would let me.
I told Pusher how I felt really bad for feeling as if I had broken Voodoo’s heart in a sense.
“I feel for the kid,” he said, “that’s why I never started anything with him, because I know he had a hard childhood. I had a hard childhood, too, so I get it.”
It seemed as if Voodoo went against his own boundaries when it came to me. I had told him if he were to have hooked up with other women, I would be out of the picture. It didn’t matter to me if he did or didn’t, I just wouldn’t find myself hanging around him if he did. It appeared I had grown a strong connection to him, so much so that it would turn me off completely if he was with someone else. I knew in my heart that my mind and body couldn’t get aroused after that. So, it surprised me that he was still open to seeing me, even though he sensed I was currently with someone else.
Pusher explained, “It’s like when you give that love and attention to a person who didn’t receive any growing up, it feels better than any orgasm you could ever imagine. It’s like describing sight to a blind person.”
The rest of the hike was easy-going and we talked about our backgrounds and our current interests. A few miles later, Wisdom Empath picked us up at the outfitters. We got situated in the car and he made a comment about us hiking really fast.
I blushed, “Yeah… we even took a looong break.”
He says, “Just watch out for that poison ivy!”
His comment and smirk in the rear view mirror was a clue to me that he was one of my readers.
When we made it back to the room and I laid down beside Pusher, thoughts of Voodoo crept into my mind. Everyone I talked to told me it was a bad idea to go back to him, but I didn’t have a choice in what I apparently did. My heart called for him. I longed for his presence. Guess I still had some stuff to learn through him. I pondered him as I drifted to sleep. I wished so bad that he were here next to me and that perhaps even allowed me a taste of his much missed cock.
A sense of sadness came over me. I thought of all the men I made fall for me. I always wanted to come into peoples lives and shine some love and light into their experience, to make them feel loved and cherished. But now, as I lay here in mental pain, I started to think that I was more like a tornado destroying what was in my path, demolishing things that could have grown and flourished into something wholesome and long-lasting.