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(X-rated) May 2, 2023:
It seemed Voodoo was now up in the air about going to Hawaii. It appeared we had different perspectives with that as well. I figured it would be a fun adventure with him, regardless if we were going steady or not. He, on the other hand, felt I would abandon him there, leaving him stranded on an island, not knowing where to go. I let him know he would be taken care of regardless if we parted, but it was hard to explain the energy of the aina without one ever having been there.
In the morning, I talked to a guy who was writing in the log book in the community kitchen. Voodoo started to approach me, but quickly picked up on the vibe that I was trying to make a move on the guy, so he quickly backed off as though he didn’t want to intrude. I thought it was sweet, so I pulled him in by the shirt and kissed him in front of the guy.
I read a Lithuanian Bible pamphlet that spoke about my Angels being right beside me, reminding me I didn’t have to do things that went against the alignment of my heart. Instead, I could come back to Jesus with even just a little bit of willingness and He would give me the Faith. God was waiting for me to grab hold of His hand and only good would come when I chose to follow His path. I was so loved by Him, beyond what I could grasp. All I had to do was close my eyes and know that Jesus looked at me with eyes of forgiveness and release. There was nothing to be afraid of, for He understood everything. The only thing I could be sure of was His Love for me, for I was chosen as His One innocent child of God.
I felt hope arise whereas just moments ago I felt so quiet and sad, unsure of my placement in the apparent world. I wanted to learn how to be “better.” I was learning to be more honest, especially with my lovers, because sometimes it seemed as if lying to them about other lovers or how many people I had been with was so much easier than just being truthful. I found it difficult to be direct, because there still appeared to be a part of me that enjoyed sneaking around and experiencing the possibility of getting caught/getting in trouble. However, Voodoo showed me how it symbolized a slap to his face. He desired respect, which to him was giving him my honesty. He was capable of handling the truth, so when I blatantly lied it was the same as telling him to fuck off. Through his strength of being able to “take it” inspired in me the same courage to just “share it.”
Overall, I was glad I came out to tell him what was on my mind in person and that I got to experience his cock several more times. Very much worth it.
“You know,” he said, “I’m gonna be calling you up soon, because I know you’re going to be acting up and I’m gonna need to come over there and correct you.”
I felt relief in his flirtatious comment, as it suggested he still wanted to leave things open with me.
He needed to shuttle the hikers to town so I cruised with him so I could buy some cookies to make. After I bought the cookie dough, I went back to the van and unbuckled Voodoo’s pants so I could get a taste of something sweeter. Then, I let him watch me masturbate in the passenger seat while we waited for the other hikers to finish shopping.
Aroused, he tied my body up in the much missed moss green rope. He bit his lip as he watched me get entangeld in his ties. Then, he got some zip ties that he found in the center console and tied one around my wrists. He grabbed another one and tied it tight in between my wrists, mimicking handcuffs. Truly, no way to get out of that lock, other than to cut it off whenever he so pleased.
He pressed on my fingernails to check my circulation—I felt needles and a sense of numbness forming quickly. The group started to walk back toward the car. I really wanted to be revealed as I was, covered in ropes and zip ties, letting everyone witness my being held captive. However, instead, he quickly wrapped his down jacket around me, just seconds before they opened the door. Knowing I was like a caged animal in heat, he smiled mischievously and, simultaneously, leaned over to kiss me while he opened the window to let in some fresh air.
The entire ride home, I was drooling onto my chest, feeling so naughty, as no one knew I was being forced to behave and sit quietly against my will. When we made it back, he clipped off the zip ties with some scissors, then released me back into the wild.
I went in his tent to masturbate to the videos of him cumming and pissing on me while he continued to drive some shuttles. When he came home, he tied me back up, this time not allowed to leave his space. He finished me off, then said he had to pee really bad. I begged him to piss on me one last time. So, he untied me and I ran outside in his alpaca hoodie but didn’t take it off in time.
He whipped out his cock and I locked eyes with him as he shot his hot piss stream onto me. I swallowed as much as I could, then watched as he revealed a smile, telling me to scoot back as he shot more onto my face. My glasses had piss droplets all over them, now feeling happy as could be. I sucked him off and swallowed what was leftover of his piss.
Later at night, we hung out at the house and I made us all some cookies, simply because I was really craving them. I cooked them to my liking—completely undercooked.
Sidetracked goes, “It’s just hot dough.”
“I know,” I said, “it’s exactly what I was going for.”
JJ was the only one who supported me and wasn’t phased by the fear of salmonella. I put the cookies in for two more minutes so everyone else would chill the fuck out.
I took them out, all frazzled and yelled, “Goddamnit! I overcooked them.”
Voodoo goes to grab a cookie and it slipped through his fingers, contorting into a squishy mush. The melted chocolate made it look like his hands were covered in diarrhea.
He goes, “HOW are these overcooked?! I can’t even grab them.”
I laughed to the point of tears, disregarding the negative commentary. I ate a handful of them, feeling satisfied with my creation.
Then, Voodoo and I asked Sidetracked if he had a rustic knife that we could use for some roleplay in bed. He brought us over a few examples, some being too extravagant for my liking. I told him I wanted it to be rusty, dirty and old—as if it would leave a bad infection if it were punctured through my skin. He gave us the perfect piece. Then, Voodoo and I began walking back to his tent while he began whipping the knife into the dirt and hitting the blade against dead logs.
“I need to make it dirty for you,” he said.
In the tent, he undressed me softly. He put on solar powered string lights above us, the colors changing between shades of green, blue and red. He grabbed the rope and tight me up so tight that the slightest movement of trying to escape left bruises on my skin.
He flipped me onto my stomach and slapped my ass so hard that I screamed, “OW-OW-OW!”
With tears welling up in my eyes, he made me take a few more hits before gently laying me down on my back. He put on the song “Lucid” by Balint Boldizsar along with other trance related tracks so he could zone out while eating me out. He told me to get comfy, because he planned to be down there for a while.
He started out with gentle tongue strokes against my labia, taking his time, building up the energy. He told me how sweet I tasted, saying the only thing he regretted was not eating me out enough. The way he paid extra attention to my pussy made me feel as though I was in complete Heaven. He went down on me for what felt like a lifetime, not even coming up when I was begging to feel his cock.
His lips glued to my pussy, in a muffled voice he muttered, “I could feel your cum dripping down my beard.”
He tongue fucked my pussy hole, feeling excited to have my scent on him. My moans grew louder and then we both started laughing because we were fucking next to the cabin tent that had a few paying guests in it. We joked about how we probably appeared high on drugs the entire time because we were playing trance music, had party lights going and were grunting like loud animals.
Giving sign that I was enjoying his tongue extra much, he rose back up with a throbbing cock, ready to please me with the next level. But first, he grabbed the sharp rusty knife and placed it against my throat.
“Don’t fucking move,” he demanded as he pushed the blade deeper.
He released the pressure and ran the tip between my breasts, leaving a faint white streak.
He slipped his hard cock in and said, “I ain’t ever gonna meet a girl like you again.”
He placed the blade back below my neck and pushed harder into my skin. The coldness of the steel arose waves of goosebumps throughout my chest. I felt only arousal. I really had to play the role and pretend as if I was scared, but really, it didn’t phase me. I wanted to be punctured. I wanted to feel something other than my own thoughts.
Dropping the knife on the tent floor, he held me close, making love to me as he whispered, “I love you, Freyja. I’ll always love you.”
Everything became so sensitive. I almost broke into tears as I breathed, “I love you, too, Voodoo.”
He covered me in his sweet cum. Out of breath, he grabbed himself a cigarette and sat under the string lights as he took a hit and released the smoke.
“I’ll never meet a guy like you, again,” I whispered.