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(X-rated) May 11 2023, Punchbowl Overlook to US 501:
After hiking a small section, I hitched back south for my root canal appointment. Miles offered to trail magic me a ride and a room for however many nights I needed. I loved when men made me feel so safe and as if I didn’t have to worry about any logistics on my own. I felt so relaxed, loved and taken care of physically and mentally.
Everything appeared to go perfectly with my teeth! Nutz offered to pick me up and take me out for a smoothie after my appointment. I had a lisp for a good hour due to how much novocaine they administered into my gums. I really liked hanging out with him, despite him teasing me for the left side of my face being completely numb.
He said, “I wouldn’t be helping hikers out
if I didn’t have the freedom to fuck with them.”
We went to Elderberry’s and he offered to get me anything I wanted. All I could handle was liquid food, so a smoothie it was! While we sat in the car, he was adamant about letting me know that he was not attracted to me in any way. Unfortunate, because I was really attracted to him. I thought about how much it would turn me on to give him a blowjob while he drove me around in his truck. Something about his nonchalant personality and tone of voice had me going ever since I met him.
“I have a twisted mind,” he shared.
“I do, too,” I said.
“Yeah, I know,” he said, “I could tell just by looking into your eyes.”
He asked if I felt Voodoo would ever harm me outside of the bedroom and I said absolutely not. I had been receiving that question a lot, lately. To me, he was absolutely harmless and seemed to be able to separate what we did during sex from our other day to day activities.
He dropped me back off at my hotel room and I got trail magic’d a massage by Miles! He brought his massage table and made everything feel as cozy and safe as possible for me. He massaged me for two hours and I nearly fell asleep. It felt so good to relax and just dive into the sensations of his masculine hands. He was super respectful the entire time, making sure I was comfortable with each new movement he made.
I couldn’t believe I never had a massage on trail. Well, I did one time on the PCT before I even hiked 100 miles. The massage made me think about my community in Hawaii and how adamant we all were caring for each other through physical touch. I felt inspired to start giving back in that way again.