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(X-rated) May 21, 2023:
Voodoo and I went to the diner to eat some breakfast before we decided to part ways. As we were waiting to put our name on the list, a random guy drove by, opened his window and asked if anybody needed a ride up north since him and his girl were headed back to Ohio and had room in their car.
Voodoo and I looked at each other and in sync shouted, “Yes!”
They said they would scoop us up after we ate breakfast and we gave them a thumbs up. While we waited for our table, he took me to the alleyway beside the diner and made out with me while feeling up my pussy and breasts. My friend, Jimmy, had to come find us to let us know our table was ready.
After we ate, we got in their car and drove north. They said they would drop us off directly in Waynesboro, which was where I had left off on trail.
Voodoo and I secretly played with each other in the backseat of their car. I licked his cock wet and then he fingered me. He was so discreet, making it seem he wasn’t even paying attention to me at all although his cock expressed anything but that. At points, I even acted like I was asleep, even though my pussy was wide awake and soaking wet with cum from him playing with it.
Once at Waynesboro, Voodoo and I got a room at the Budget Inn. It was one of the trashiest looking rooms I had experienced so far. It smelled of stale cigarettes, the paint on the walls was scraped off and the blankets were filthy. But, I was with my love, so we viewed it as an adventure and a perfect setting for an avant garde photoshoot.
We dropped our packs, then he took me out for what I considered the best sushi that has ever hit my tastebuds. It was just across the street and we ate every single piece on our plate, still desiring more.
Afterwards, we came back to our room and made sweet love numerous times. I watched him smoke a cigarette, as he would every time after we fucked, forever burning into my mind how much he aroused me just by being as he was. Then, we fell asleep watching Zoey 101.
The past couple of months, it seemed a lot of people had negative commentary about Voodoo. Either saying he had bad energy or that there was a lot of darkness revealed in his eyes. I guess it didn’t seem to matter to me what most people were saying. I would choose to see the light in him, regardless. I also knew that everyone had shit they were going through. I mean, we were all experiencing an illusion of a pain body, so of course there would be shit coming up. Some of us just hadn’t found healthy ways/methods to feel through the perception of pain as much as others.
It was a blessing and a curse for me to see the beauty in people and to wear my heart on my sleeve, but I was learning to be careful and be more mindful of guarding my heart. I seemed to have a pattern of painting pretty pictures over people, such as making them out to be something they weren’t, instead of taking them to be as they were. Regardless, I felt I knew better than to commit to someone long term if I didn’t feel my heart was in it.