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(X-rated) May 22 2023, Rockfish Gap to Sawmill Run Overlook:
My goal today was to get pizza from town because I had a lot of people recommend a place that served 28” pizza! I wasn’t going to miss it. So, we hitched a ride there and ordered one. While we were eating, Voodoo fingered me in the seat with the song “Hollow Life” by Coast Modern playing through the speakers. We both really resonated with the lyrics.
I was not able to control myself in the slightest. If someone walked by, they would’ve seen me holding onto the table shaking from pleasure and my flushed face would have given me away. I was soaked. He told me to get up so he could finish me off in the bathroom with his cock. Apparently, it was impossible to get any hiking done with this man.
So, we went in the bathroom and he propped me up on the toilet lid. I placed my feet on the railing for balance and he rammed me with his hard cock. I squirted everywhere, which caused a big clean up afterwards. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to fuck me in public places.
It was becoming dangerous to see how much I craved for his cock… it had seemed my obsession for it had gotten worse. It felt I couldn’t get enough and I was never satisfied, no matter how much he gave it to me and no matter how much he made me cum.
Our bellies full and us, cum drained, we decided to journey off the AT and hitch on a side adventure to check out the famous Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail. Our ride took us straight there and even trail magic’d us some ice cream beforehand!
It was such a worth checking out experience! The tunnel felt cool, refreshing and moist. It was pitch black after we turned off our lamps. We tried walking straight to the end of the tunnel, following the small circle of light on the other side. We were going to fuck in there, but decided to behave last minute.
After we made it through, we laid in the grass so I could digest the pizza.
Voodoo looked at me and said, “I love how you smell like a woman. Your sweat smells so sweet, just like flowers.”
I knew exactly what he meant, for I felt the same way about him smelling like a man. He was so musky and smelled of dirt and trees. I wanted to tell him how I felt I was falling in love with him, but I felt scared. I also didn’t want it to get to his head, and truthfully, mine, so I kept quiet.
We hitched back to the trail and walked until it was getting close to dark. We stealth camped just before Sawmill Run Overlook on a side trail that ventured down to a grassy cliff. It reminded me of a fairy garden, maybe somewhere Adam and Eve would have resided.
Voodoo had a lot of energy, so he used some of it to fuck me again. Then, he ran around naked and eventually squatted on the large boulder and pooped over the cliff. Lastly, he ran up a tree, still naked, then couldn’t figure out a way back down.
Crazy mother fucker, I thought.
We had each packed out a pizza slice, so we ate it in the tent. He said I reminded him of a cat by the way I looked at him with my eyes and, moreso, the way he wasn’t able to tame me.
“I love that about you,” he said.
He found it so beautiful that I didn’t wear make up and loved that it didn’t take me long to get ready. He loved the skin tone I had and the shade of my lips.
“I love the way your top and bottom lip touch together,” he said as he continued to observe me.
I loved when he spoke such sweetness to me, showering me with loving words and attentiveness. It was all I felt I needed at times. He gifted me a pinecone necklace he had made for me when he was at Boots Off. He had it made when I went to visit him, but didn’t feel ready to give it to me at the time.
Upon going to bed, he got a whiff of my pussy scent and told me how much it turned him on. It made him feel like a wild animal and, I, the prey that he wanted to tear up. He turned primal and animalistic, then got on top of me and growled at me right before he attacked. I was ready for my baby, yet again.