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(X-rated) May 25-27 2023, Swift Run Gap to Thornton Gap (Front Royal):
Overall, we decided to road walk the Shenandoah section alongside the trail, which was considered the old AT. I had a difficult time in this section, mentally. Most everyone I met in the south seemed to hype up the Shenies and I was expecting to see a lot, but instead found myself disappointed and complaining internally.
It seemed there were no views and just the same trees over and over again. I felt suffocated. But, I was sure I’d look back on it some day and romanticize it, talking about how much I missed being surrounded by the Virginia trees. By the end of the Shenies, we stuck to the road since it felt more open and there were more promising views.
We got off at Thornton Gap which was where I had left off before I went to go visit Pusher. We hitched to Front Royal and got picked up by a woman who was on her way to go eat lunch. As was our plan, so we ended up going to the same restaurant as her. She ended up buying our meals as a surprise and left without saying anything. My heart warmed up with gratitude.
While sitting at the bar, Voodoo and I fake fought and then started making out aggressively just to make people nearby confused. But then, it backfired and I ended up getting turned on so I started touching him under the table.
He started growing hard in my hand and I said, “You have to learn how to control your urges,” as I continued to pump his cock in secret.
Next door was a place called Basecamp where hikers could shower and do laundry for free. So, we went in and I led him to the shower feeling all riled up. The shower floor too slippery for my liking, we stepped outside of it and I sat in the foldable chair. But, it was too low, so Voodoo quickly found a milk carton and placed it on top of the seat. He threw a towel over it for more cushion and told me to sit on it.
It looked very unstable, so I said, “Baby, I don’t think—“
“I said, sit on it,” he growled as he propped me on there, spread my legs and slipped his cock in without me asking.
It was beyond perfect, because the height and angle made him hit my g-spot over and over again. He fucked the shit out of me until my squirts soaked up in the towel and he came onto my pussy. He finished me off by taking a long piss on me in the shower. It was perfect timing, as some thru-hikers came in just a couple of minutes later.
I felt Front Royal was my favorite town so far. I really wanted to take some time there, because the energy of the place felt on point. We fell in love with the town the more we explored the area. Some places on trail just had such a great vibe and that was definitely one of them. I felt as if I could stay there forever.
During our time there, we left our stuff in town and hitched to the nearest Walgreens so I could pick up steroid cream for a poison ivy rash that was apparently spreading throughout my body fast. I figured I got the rash from Trail Days, but was unsure of how, since I was being very mindful this year.
We had a tough time getting a ride back, so figured it would help if we were more playful with it. Voodoo had me get on his shoulders and the moment we did that, we got a ride by a man in a Mercedes van. The guy drove us right back to town and we relaxed in bed after another good fucking.
Right before it got dark, Voodoo and I went on a walk. He found an abandoned shopping cart, so he rode me around in it around the local neighborhood. We collected purple flowers alongside the road and placed them in each others hair. Then, we went to get some frozen custard before calling it a night.