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May 30 2023, Bear’s Den Hostel to Blackburn Trail Center:
Before leaving the hostel, I met a guy named Simple. Turned out, we hiked all of the same trails in the exact same years. Both of us were mind blown how we never ran into each other. I also found it really cool that he had been sober for 17 years now and was very adamant/confident about sharing the Word of God.
He said, “I tried everything—drugs, alcohol, sex and nothing ever did it for me like the love of God.”
Mm, what a lovely energy it was to be around people like that. It was such an attractive energy to me, especially when people truly understood that the things of the world were meaningless, even though they were disguised as something beautiful.
Voodoo had made some comments to me that were extremely triggering. It had actually been occurring since the first day I met him, however I had been taking things a bit more to heart the more time I spent with him. At first I got all sad and victim mode about it, but shortly after, I received a message and felt Hope’s energy with me simply reminding me, “Well, he’s just not the man for me.” There was that tendency of wanting to be with someone for something they had, even though my higher self felt a deep lack and wounding, but as soon as I remembered I didn’t have to compromise my Spirit for a man, I was able to perk up.
Voodoo took me on a road walk down some lovely country roads alongside the AT. I was absolutely in love with today. I felt like I was on the CDT again. We saw a Christmas tree farm, cows bathing in some ponds and large open meadows with horses running around. We walked barefoot for a good hour and soaked in the energy of feeling the earth as it was intended to be felt.
Eventually, we got picked up when we were taking a detour to the grocery store for some ice cream. A couple of people picked us up and offered to take us to Blackburn Trail Center, instead. The lady who drove us said she would even make us some homemade brownies if we decided to stay. We were sold.
As soon as we arrived, I took a shower, then Voodoo and I laid in the grass. We took a mini nap and eventually, she came out of the building with a plate of hot fudge-like undercooked (as I preferred) brownies. She even had a small bowl of brownie batter on the side, as per my request.
Later, we found a black snake in the building, so Voodoo went to catch it. I found it really attractive that he wasn’t afraid of it and handled it like a true man. He wouldn’t let me hold him, though, no matter how much I begged.
We decided to set up our things in the bunkhouse and, while doing so, figured we should have sex so we could go at it hard and loud before other hikers showed up. The second we got undressed, a guy stepped onto the porch and started walking in.
The hiker asked, “How’s it going, man?”
“It’s going great, man,” Voodoo says, “but if I’m being honest, I was about to fuck my girl.”
They both started laughing and he told Voodoo he would go make some food at the picnic table and come back after he was done. I found the guy to be handsome, but noticed I didn’t feel comfortable making a move. I really wished Voodoo wanted to watch me seduce another guy in front of him and would even get turned on by it.