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(X-rated) June 9 2023, Winter Trail Junction (Palmerton) to Stealth Site:
Early in the morning, I visited the hostel and then afterwards, I walked to the local coffee shop while Voodoo stayed at the church with the other hikers. I noticed a fear arise about if he was talking badly about me or doing stuff that appeared to trigger me. I knew it was coming from trauma since I apparently had that happen several times in the past. But then, a comforting insight came over me. I remembered that I could just hand it over to the Holy Spirit. I didn’t have to worry about what was being apparently said or done. I could just be in a state of trust that what would need to be revealed would be and most importantly, that there was no other person outside of me.
Shortly after, I ran into Squirrel and left things open ended with him. I watched the perception of anxiety arise within me as soon as I told him I wanted to keep things on the down low with him. Right there, a shift occurred. I didn’t really want to hide stuff from him. I went outside, sat on Voodoo’s lap and told him how Squirrel and I had a moment at Trail Days.
“You fucked Squirrel?” he asked.
“No,” I said, “but it was my intention.”
I could feel the heat flush throughout his body and I witnessed how I got off on it. I wondered why it was that way for me. He said he was aware we were interested in each other and it was the exact reason he didn’t want me to leave his side in the first place, because he knew I would go fuck around. Still, he was glad I was honest with him. The way he handled it reminded me that I didn’t have to be afraid of receiving the perception that I could hurt his feelings.
Still, I really didn’t know how to tell Voodoo that I wanted to fuck other people. Something would stop me from speaking. Anytime he left me alone I truly did seem to misbehave. I would start flirting with men or attempt to fuck them. I felt intense and sporadic while I made fantasies in my head and then had a difficult time grounding myself. I desired to be free in my mind and, to me, that meant being honest and comfortable with myself.
I called Hope Johnson to be my voice of reason. She always knew how to bring me into a state of relaxation. She reminded me that it was a pattern that needed to play out and my job was to keep watching myself with awareness. I told her how I kept getting backlash when I communicated to people that nothing was real, but then felt like a contradiction, myself.
“When you start to go down the path of teaching, there’s a lot of contradictions and inconsistencies. You’ll say the world isn’t real but then act like it is,” she said.
She reminded that it could take years because the ego loved drama and making conflict for it gave it a false sense of being alive. However, true love involved zero drama. True love was deep, calm and in complete peace. I told her what an amazing teacher she was for me and that I felt like a little kid, striving to develop that kind of peace within myself.
“Remember,” she said, “you’re actually playing out a feeling of unworthiness rather than worthiness when you convince yourself you need sex from a person.”
It was such a trip the way the ego disguised things in the world. I made it seem that a pleasurable physical experience meant that it was something important or that because a hot was into me, then that meant I was worthy. I also seemed to experience a habit of pretending that the opposite wasn’t coming my way, such as things bursting into flames and going back down the rabbit hole of not feeling good enough.
After my conversation with Hope, Voodoo and I got a trail magic ride from a man I had met through Beartaria who wanted to help us along our journey. He drove us all the way down to Palmerton. While in the car, Voodoo was sitting in the passenger seat and I was sitting behind him. He sneakily reached his hand around the seat and started playing with my pussy. I traced my fingertips along his bulging veins, appreciating his vitality and masculinity. When we arrived, we all ate lunch together and parted ways.
Voodoo went to the gas station to buy some cigarettes and he informed me that the worker, an older gentleman, was flirting with him. Apparently, he got touchy, even asking Voodoo if he would be spending the night in town while simultaneously giving him suggestive eyes. It seemed that gay guys would hit on him all of the time. I thought I’d go in there to see if he would say anything weird to me, but he barely paid any attention to me.
I had a package coming in at Pine Grove and it wasn’t going to arrive for several more days, so we hitched back to the trail and decided to hike that section south instead of waiting around for it in town.
We came to a water source on trail just before George W. Outerbridge Shelter. We saw a baby copperhead snake as Voodoo was filling up his water bottle. I, in the meantime, sat on a rock and masturbated as I watched his hands squeezing the filter, making his sexy veins bulge out.
Catching my naughty behavior, he came over to me and ate me out while I watched his eyes looking up at me from below. Hottest thing ever. I started getting nervous due to being directly on the trail, so I began to push him off, but he demanded to keep tasting me. I loved how open he had become with public play. We were both fully exposed and wouldn’t have been able to see people coming around either corner.
He removed his shorts and said, “I don’t care who sees me fucking you.”
Mm, he gave me just what I wanted—guess I really was a spoiled brat. I had entertained the idea of leaving him, but then times like that, when he was fucking me and the way he would look at me pretty much without blinking made me feel like I could stay just a little bit longer.
Near night fall, we stealth camped a few miles past the shelter. It rained on us a little bit, however it was refreshing and not a nuisance. Voodoo made a fire for us while I wrote and snuck glances at him.