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June 10 2023, Stealth Site to Railroad Station:
Today, we experienced the notorious Rocksylvannia as people liked to call it. What the actual fuck. I couldn’t believe they made rock scrambling a trail. I did find it kind of cool at the end of the day, but in the moment of it being my path, I was just annoyed.
We did a bit of road walking as we hitched a ride into town. First guy who picked us up was an older gentlemen dressed in a nice suit. He was on his way to his sons wedding and told us that his son was a child actor in the Spider-Man 3 movie! He offered us a big platter of fruit to eat, then dropped us off at the entrance of the wedding venue.
Continuing up the road, we came across a big open field of what appeared to be wheats or some sort of similar plant. The delicacy and openness of the area reminded me of what Heaven might feel like. Shortly after, we ran into some goats on a farm. One in particular kept trying to have sex with another goat. The female goat made it very clear, through kicking and grunting, that she wanted nothing to do with him.
As we road walked some more, we found some old vertebrae bones behind a guardrail. We both stood there in awe like a bunch of hippies that just discovered a treasure. We started picking up the bones and brushing off the dirt. I loved that he was into picking stuff up on the side of the road. I didn’t meet many people that would be into that.
Someone stopped along the road and asked what we were looking for and Voodoo turned around and said, “We’re trying to get a ride up to town to get some food. We’re currently hiking the Appalachian Trail.”
The man looked at us like he didn’t believe we were at hikers and said, “Okay, I’m just going to turn around and I’ll come grab ya guys.”
We gave him a thumbs up and in the meantime continued to look for vertebrae on the side of the road as we used our trekking poles to dig around. Shortly after, the man sped past us without even making eye contact with us.
Eventually, we got a ride to Five Guys. Voodoo hyped the place up for having amazing burgers. Honestly, I didn’t see what the fuss was about, but I still ate my the whole meal.
While we were sitting at our table, I watched a young couple waiting in line. Her boyfriend seemed to be whispering something to his girl, trying to cheer her up. Her facial expression seemed airy, as if her mind was in the clouds, sort of unsatisfied about something that she didn’t even know was bothering her. Watching that dynamic between them felt bittersweet. It felt as if there was an energetic dance going on of the man trying to use his logical brain to “fix” what appeared to be the problem, while she was in her feelings just riding out the wave of emotions.
I macrame’d Voodoo a spiral knot pattern, connecting the bones to make it look like vertebrae so he could hang it off his pack. I loved being able to work with hemp and animal bones; something about it felt so raw, earthy and energetically wholesome.
At the end of the day, we hitched a ride back to the trail and camped at the base of the mountain below the railroad tracks beside the river.