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June 21 2023, Elk Park to Trailside Zoo:
Early in the morning, Voodoo discovered a new broken tooth and figured it was another root canal, so he went to get his tooth fixed for the third time while I got dropped off at the trailhead. I took my clothes off and celebrated my favorite day of the year on trail: National Naked Hiking Day!
I was really looking forward to doing it with Voodoo since he said he would walk me on a leash, but due to his appointment, he told me he would meet me later in the afternoon and we could still get some miles in together.
Shortly into my hike, I met a guy named Pokey, who upon seeing me naked, smiled and said, “Happy solstice! I salute you.”
We got to talking and he shared how happy he was to have run into me because he couldn’t decide whether or not he wanted to participate in Naked Hiking Day.
“But,” he said, “you inspired me,” then started slowly getting undressed.
We hiked together for a bit and then parted ways when he noticed I was faster. The rest of the day, I only ran into a few day hikers who gave me high fives as I passed on by.
A few hours later, I got dressed and met Voodoo and Ray at one of the trailheads. We said our goodbyes and thank you’s to Ray, then, I started undressing again in the middle of the public parking lot. Voodoo started smiling at me in disbelief. Eventually he got naked, too, but got a little bit nervous. Just like Trail Days, he was all for it at first, but when it came down to the actual moment, he was reluctant.
We only saw one thru-hiker today named Toenail. Otherwise, only a few day hikers and section hikers walked by us, keeping their eyes centered on the path. There was one motorcyclist who drove by us when we crossed the street and did a bunch of double takes on us, unable to believe what his eyes were showing him.
Anyways, I got a full day of fun nudity in and then we decided to get dressed just before the zoo. There were so many people there and Voodoo started to feel extremely uncomfortable. He kept hiding behind me or some trees and I was laughing my ass off.
“If you make it weird, people will find it weird,” I said, “just have fun with it.”
He couldn’t brush it off, so we got dressed and spent some time by the water as we ate our leftover pizza and then wrestled. We found a hidden path near the zoo that led to some flat stealth spots. It was very difficult to fall asleep due to some sort of car show happening just about 100’ away from us.