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(X-rated) June 23 2023, Empire State Trail to Ten Mile River Shelter:
Early in the morning, Evan had contacted me. He was the married Eastern European man who owned the hostel in Virginia that I had a fling with. He was reaching out to invite me to Jamaica for a few days. At first I thought it was weird because he had a wife, but then I thought to myself how I totally would have went if I weren’t so committed to Voodoo right now.
We finished up the Empire State Trail and began to road walk so we could connect back to the AT. As I was walking, I saw a painted piece of wood that said, “Enjoy the Ride.” I loved receiving little reminders like that, gently nudging me to relax a little bit more.
Then, I found a thick, long pinecone in the bushes.
I gave it to Voodoo and said, “Oh my god! I’ve never seen one so big!”
He yelled, “You’ve never said that about me!” then threw the pinecone aggressively at a tree and watched it shatter. I nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard.
We ran into what appeared like purple lavender fields. There was a sign in the field that welcomed people walking/driving by to check it out for free, so we took a little photoshoot. Shortly after, it poured rain on us for a while and it stopped raining when we finally got undercover. Funny how it worked that way.
Once we made it back to the trail and walked about 500’ into the forest, Voodoo and I looked at the mountain in front of us that we had to climb.
He laid his mat out right beside the trail, curled up in a ball and whispered, “I don’t wanna.”
We still ended up climbing and taking a little sex break in between. Somehow, I always felt much more energized after getting fucked throughout the day, but Voodoo felt much more depleted and needed a lot of rest after I drained his balls of cum.
When we arrived to the Ten Mile River Shelter, there was a thru-hiker that decided to stay in the shelter with us. At first he was chill, but over time, I began to feel more and more uncomfortable. I went to brush my teeth and Voodoo said he blatantly kept staring at me anytime I bent over.
“Freyja! Get your ass over here,” Voodoo demanded as he gave the guy a dirty stare.
I didn’t care too much about that, I cared more about when we were about to go to bed and the guy started talking about a girl who he was hung up on and how the only reason he was still relating with her was because she was a freak, otherwise she was a waste. I felt such a hot burning sensation in my body, a feeling of being victimized as a woman. I just felt so triggered by how certain men spoke, yet I didn’t feel inspired to be outwardly angry to him about it.
Then, he started watching porn in the shelter and I nearly lost my shit. That was the cherry on top for me. Believe it or not, porn was one of the most triggering things to me and an absolute deal breaker in a relationship if a man were to want to partake in watching it. I had zero tolerance for it.
In the moment of that apparently happening, I appeared so saddened, yet it was so obvious, once again, how everything was showing up in my perception just for me to see through. It was a gift because I was being shown that I was making the world real and I knew that based off of my internal reaction.
Still, I cried intensely. It felt like a trauma response and everything around me started to go blank as the ringing in my ears began. I felt myself go in and out of numbness. Voodoo pulled me in close as he threw the sleeping bag over our heads. With my eyes closed, I let the tears stream endlessly as I felt through what seemed to be a deep pain.
“Is there was anything I could do?” he asked.
“Please just hold me,” I asked.
His presence reminded me that of a tree, a stable force as he soaked in my energy and transmuted it into clarity. What a gift it was to have someone be kind to me while I was in such a vulnerable moment.
Then, he asked if I wanted to go on a walk and I said yes please. And so we went, just outside of the shelter and sat on top of the hill that overlooked the river. At this point it was completely dark, so we just listened to the rushing water. I rested my head on him and asked if I could share what felt upsetting to me.
I loved how sweet and gentle he was with me in that moment. He appeared so open and receptive. He seemed to put on a different persona when other people were around, more loud and outgoing and making comments that I didn’t vibe with. But when we were alone, I felt so loved by him and I could feel how much he cared for me and my well-being. I could feel how much he just genuinely wanted me to be happy and feel good energetically.
After he let me talk it out, we began kissing and I felt a need to be felt. We made love on a rock that was in our vicinity. We had difficulty at first, so we walked down a little ways towards the river. We looked so silly the way we both wandered around without any pants on.
With no luck, we went back to the same spot. He lifted some heavy rocks and moved them around so I could rest my back on them for some more comfortable support. Moments like that made me feel like he was such a man. I loved the way he just took control and took care of things, never once making me think about it.
Because of that, it felt like his cock felt extra good and as though I was able to receive him more fully. I watched his face under the reflection of the moonlight, our moans echoing between the moss covered trees, blending into the synergetic rhythm of the cosmos.