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(Sort of x-rated) July 31, 2023:
I took apart my tent and went to have coffee with Aquaman and his friends. They still had some leftover trail magic and let me take whatever I needed. Then, Aquaman decided to double the fun by surprising me with a portable massage setup so he could knead out some of my knots.
As I got situated, my head was slanted towards the floor and Aquaman stood in front of me and started working on the back of my neck. All the while he was standing in front of me, all I could see was his bulge.
It was titillating my mind and I kept fantasizing about pulling his pants down and sucking him dry. Then, every time we made eye contact I was visualizing kissing him. We kept looking at each others lips as we talked and I realized this is what Hope was talking about. Fantasy was pain disguised as pleasure and how ironic it was that I was getting a massage to release tension while I was simultaneously building more. I wasn’t connecting with him when he was talking to me about something personal and all I was thinking about was what he looked like naked.
After the massage, he offered to be my chauffeur for the day. My main goals were to do laundry and take a shower, but I had zero luck in the town of Gorham, NH. Every place I went to rejected me even though I offered them money. They said that it wasn’t ‘cost efficient’ to just pay for a shower and laundry. That was the first town I had ever experienced that in. I was so glad Aquaman was driving me around because this would have been an all day hitch. He ended up taking me all the way to North Conway where one of the hostels immediately took me in, unable to understand what the problem was with the other places.
Aquaman had a jam session with some people in the lounge while I got cleaned up. Then, he read me parts of a book about boundaries. On the drive back to Gorham, he showed me some anxiety pressure spots to use on myself in case I was ever experiencing nausea or pain. After that, we talked about all of the things we had been learning in this lifetime and about the things we wanted to learn.
Voodoo reached out to me, to which I found myself answering his call. He said how much he missed me and how he would like to come with me to the west coast as we hitchhiked across the country.
“You have me right where you want me,” he said, “following you wherever you want to go.”
Just the other day, I had communicated to him how I still didn’t feel comfortable with him coming because hitchhiking was a very personal experience for me. He knew that was my plan from day one and that it was important for me to experience it alone. I felt as if he would consistently push my boundaries, not really letting go of trying to control the situation and respecting what I wanted to do. But, at the same time, I still saw moments in myself where I would find it difficult to be firm and assertive with him. I found my voice would shake and go sort of soft when I did try to be clear.
Then, he got on the topic of sex.
“My cock is going through withdrawals after having the best sex I ever had in my life,” he said.
If only he knew the extent to which my pussy craved to be penetrated by him. It was beyond what I could grasp.
“Trust me,” I said, “I know the feeling.”
After the short phone call, Aquaman and I both witnessed how drastically my energy changed when I was on the phone. My energy levels seemed to drop, my voice grew quieter and shaky. But as soon as I got off the phone, I perked up again.
Interesting, I thought.
So, Aquaman dropped me off. I hung out at the library for a couple of hours and then hitched to a spot close to the forest where I could camp for the night. I was feeling stealthy.