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(X-rated) January 8-9 2024, Lake Tekapo to Lake Ohau Lodge:
Miss Sophia went to Mount Cook while I decided to stay in and take a zero day. I needed to take some space to sit in a room and be away from people. Going into full hermit mode sounded good to me.
I waited for Lenses to walk into town, then met up for a quick breakfast. We caught up and I gave her the quick cut version of why Orange left. I was honest, no shame in what apparently happened. She was in shock because it was the first time she saw that side of my personality.
“Mm, but I could see the way he look at you and only you,” she said, “it is so cute. It happen all the time. It actually made me feel non-existent, as if I had to wave my hands in front of his face and say, ‘Helllooo, I right here. Do you see me?’”
I felt I received the same perception of him.
The following day, I started my walk towards Twizel. The trail went through neighborhoods and dusty pine trees along a gravel road. Young kids ate ice cream on the front porch and locals drove by looking for a good place to fish for the day.
I got picked up by a family from the Netherlands who were on their way to Mount Cook. They asked me question after question about every traveling thing possible, from how heavy my pack was to every single thing I carried to how I made money to where I was going next. I loved talking about travel, and even more so, was fond of witnessing how inspired people became. I suddenly noticed how I began talking about my love for men again, as if I was letting myself feel that passion again. They loved hearing about it, too, asking me all sorts of questions about trail romances and flings. Their son was sitting beside me getting a kick out of it.
“How old are you by the way?” I asked him, just after I got talking about how obsessed I was with boys.
“18,” he said.
Woah, never mind. I felt he was at least 25 due to his confidence, maturity and strong build.
They dropped me off at the junction and I continued 10km to Twizel. I hitchhiked and a van pulled over pretty far ahead. The guy got out of the car and waved his arm over to me, letting me know to come his way. I ran up to him as he was cleaning stuff out of his front seat.
“Thank you for stopping,” I said as he revealed his face.
Holy fuck he was so hot. He was wearing a dark crochet top which he later told me he got from Japan for $20. He had thick brown hair and was young, 25 I would guess. A hippie with a van and a very comfy looking mattress.
“I’m Remy,” he said, “I’m from France.”
I felt like I was looking at a walking God. He was nonchalant and airy, flowing with life and wherever it took him. He said he just dropped his girlfriend off at the airport and was feeling a bit sad over it.
Maybe I could suck his cock to make him feel better, I thought to myself.
I made my voice more sultry as I knew we only had a five minute ride. I watched the way his eyes moved up and down as he paid attention to the road, wishing they would move the same way across my body. He was on a holiday visa and would be in Queenstown for another couple of months or until he sold the van. I gave him my information and offered up the idea of going on a hike.
“I’m done with walking,” he said, “but I’d go out for a drink.”
Now wasn’t the time to tell him I didn’t drink. “Okay,” I said with a smile.
It came time to drop me off. “By the way,” he said, “she’s not really my girlfriend.”
I waited at Four Square where I met up with Ben and Lenses. We got some ice cream then he drove us to Lake Ohau Lodge where we split a room. We picked our beds and laid down. I could feel the animal inside of me wanted to run wild. My eyes wandered to Ben, letting him know through my eyes I wanted, more so needed, to get fucked. I could sense he felt uncomfortable by the idea of Orange Man possibly feeling off that we were simply hanging out as friends, so I doubted he would be open to take things a step further.
As the sun began to set, Ben offered the idea of grabbing a sandwich together at the lodge. The waitress told us to order with the bartender since we didn’t get a reservation for dinner. Upon seeing him and hearing his accent I assumed he was French. Turned out he was from Chile. He had long black hair tied up in a low bun and a mustache that accentuated his facial features. He gave me a subtle look that let me know he was interested in me. I gave him a look of curiosity.
Once it got dark, Ben went on a walk while Lenses and I sat on the couch in the lounge area to talk. She kept teasing me because she could tell I was checking out the bartender in the background while trying to tell her a story, feeling completely out of focus. He came to grab our glasses and gave me a different look, the kine where he wanted to plow me right there on the couch. Sadism written all over his eyes, just like mine.
Next thing I knew, we were giving each other intense eye contact anytime he walked by. He came around my space more, finding any apparent reason to do so, such as switching the light off that was right next to me to “make it more cozy.” I eye fucked him as he bent over me to turn it off, feeling as if the whole room was now able to pick up on my sexual interest in him.
It was nearly midnight and it appeared he was about to get off his shift. He came back to Lenses and I one last time.
“Ah, excuseh me, but vhat are you doing here?” he asked.
He didn’t mean to make it sound off putting, but his accent was so strong he couldn’t form the sentence correctly. We told him of our adventures and I let him know we were staying in room 47 for the night. I repeated it slowly so he would know exactly where I was.
Before he left, he gave us directions on the correct way to exit the building, letting us know that the front door would be locked and that we would need to go around the back. He only looked at me while he said it and didn’t tell the other people that were sitting in our general vicinity. I watched him walk out the door and I grew antsy to approach him. Lenses told me to just go after him and so I did.
Finding the way out was like a maze. I walked through several doors and somehow managed to get lost but stumbled upon him once I went through the last door to find him outside smoking a cigarette.
“Yes,” I whispered quietly to myself as I fist pumped in secret.
“Hey,” I said seductively.
“Mm, I didn’t catch your name,” he said.
“Goda,” I said, giving him my given name.
“So pretty, where does it come from?” he asked as he inhaled more of his cigarette.
“Ah, yez, Lithuania. Beautiful country. Zat guy you were with, he your boyfriend?”
“Nope,” I said, “just a friend.” I moved in closer to him. “I didn’t mention earlier, I really like your tattoos.” I gently grabbed his biceps to look at the tribal pattern, then opened up his shirt, playfully scraping my fingernails over his chest to look at the one on his shoulder. I made sure to break the physical barriers as intensely and quickly as possible.
He smiled very flirtatiously, letting me know my touch was appreciated.
Hmm, which character do I want to play today? I thought to myself, Let’s try ‘damsel in distress.’
“Can you walk me to my room?” I asked, “I’m lost and can’t find it on my own in the dark.”
He appeared nervous in that moment, but didn’t hesitate to walk me. I asked what his plans were for the rest of the night.
“I’m actually on my way to see my girlfriend for an event,” he said.
“Sounds fun,” I said, ignoring the part where he mentioned he had a girlfriend.
He walked me to the edge of the driveway of where my building was. My room was still a few steps further.
“Can you please walk me the rest of the way?” I asked.
“I want to,” he said, “but this is as far as I think I should go.”
He was breaking at the seams, just needed to push him a little bit more.
“I would love it if you did,” I said. “You seem like you’re fun.” I pinched at his hip.
“You seem like you are, too,” he said, then took another nervous hit of his cigarette. “That’s the problem.”
He put it out then led the way to my doorstep. I stepped inside onto the carpeted floor and he started to follow but stopped again, choosing to stay on the other side of the glass door.
“Well aren’t you going to come in?” I asked as I tilted my head gently, now enveloped by the darkness of the room.
“I don’t think I should,” he said, “I really have to get back to my girlfriend.”
My hand slipped out of the darkness as I gently tugged at the collar of his shirt and pulled him in. “I can keep a secret,” I said in my sweetest, most feminine voice.
He took a breath as if he was about to go on a wild ride then stepped directly into the web I had made, falling into the center of my lips. As soon as he got a taste, he moaned in delight. I could feel him giving in, relaxing into me. His tongue was silky smooth, his saliva had a smokey taste.
He grabbed at me, as if he had been waiting to get a taste of a woman like me in years. His hands slipped under my shirt and groped at my bare breasts, stepping away as if he was mentally telling himself to calm down. I could tell the guilt was creeping in his mind. His thoughts would get to him if he broke apart from my lips for a second too long so I held him close to my mouth.
I lifted my leg over his hip and pulled him in closer. He reached down for my clit, sliding his fingers through the side of my shorts as he moved my underwear out of the way. He moaned hard as he slipped his finger in and felt how wet and heated I was for him. I could feel it for myself when he brought his hands back up my body and his finger into my mouth.
I grabbed at his growing bulge, moaning, ravenous to taste him. I wasted no time. I unbuttoned and unzipped him while he pulled his cock out, then got on my knees and grabbed at him with both hands, lubricating him with my saliva. He pulled away the second I deep throated him once saying he was going to cum. I wanted more. He tried to hold it back, but I went in for one more suck when suddenly his cock thickened and began spurting cum into my mouth. This time, I made sure to wrap my mouth tight around him so as to not waste a single drop. It had to swallow multiple times from how generous his load was. I felt replenished in the moment but not enough to keep my pussy from throbbing. I was drenched in my own pussy juice and in desperate need to be fucked.
He was completely out of breath and in a daze as the waves of orgasm began to calm down. He nearly fell over trying to keep his balance. It was as if he was seeing stars and couldn’t speak properly.
Then, the guilt hit him hard. He began apologizing for cumming so quickly then gave me a hug and ran out the door. I laughed as I wiped the corners of my mouth.
“I’ll make it up to you tomorrow,” he yelled as his words faded into more “I’m sorry’s.”
Ben came in just after, saying he got lost in the dark. He asked what I did while he was away and I started laughing.
“Just finished blowing the bartender,” I said.
“Wait, what?!” he said. “Are you focking serious?”
I loved his English accent. He even made curse words sound proper and elegant.
“Yeah, I got lost in the dark, too,” I said.
“Yeah, lost in the bartender’s pants more like it,” he said. “Jesus, Freyja. You’re relentless.”
Lenses showed up soon after and both of them decided to lay on the carpet underneath their bunks so they could stargaze through the glass door. They said it was comfier on the floor versus outside where it was cold and ridden with sandflies. I, on the other hand, secretly masturbated to the thought and taste of the bartender’s cum still in my mouth.