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(X-rated; name of hostel/people has been changed) January 23-24 2024, Carey’s Hut to Swingbridge:
Upon waking up this morning I immediately decided it would be town day. It was cold/rainy and I had the option to road walk so I said ‘fuck yes’ to hitchhiking. I meandered a couple of miles down Mavora Lakes Road and got picked up pretty fast. I was driven to the main junction that would lead to Te Anau.
From there, a car spotted me then did a u-turn to pick me up. It was a full group of American tourists! I was so happy to hear what sounded like normal accents to me. It felt good to get a taste of home. They were from Georgia and North Carolina. I told them how I just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail, so we talked about trail life and how America was number one.
They drove me to a place called Lily’s Hostel that I was really looking forward to staying at, but it was fully booked. So after we had already said our goodbyes, I got back in their car and they drove me to the Top 10 Holiday Park. They accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road then quickly swerved over to the correct side. We all busted out laughing!
“This is why I wouldn’t trust myself to drive in New Zealand,” I said.
Once there, I booked an entire room, not caring how expensive it was. I was shivering cold and was killing to take a hot shower. As soon as I hopped underneath the hot stream, I began moaning and groaning, singing and dancing! I felt so good as all of the cold in my body thawed out. Nothing compared to hot showers on cold rainy days.
The room had three beds so I made a hiker explosion throughout the entire room just because. There was a heater, so naturally I turned it up to the highest notch. I closed all of the curtains to make the room as dark as possible, switched on the TV for background noise and starfished onto the bed. The most perfect day to do absolutely nothing for the beginning of my moon cycle. I loved when I timed it perfectly.
The following morning, I moved over to the hostel part of Holiday Park since they didn’t have rooms available for the night. There, I walked in to find a guy laying in bed alone, the rest of the room still empty. He looked so fucking hot. It was only us two, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to hit on him. I walked over to his bedside and leaned onto the structure of his bunk.
“Hey, are you thru-hiking?” I asked.
“Not long distance if zat’s what you ah asking,” he said.
I was mesmerized by his blonde hair, full smile and of course his…
“Where are you from?” I asked.
…his German accent.
He was traveling around New Zealand, hitchhiking his way around the country and taking a pit stop for a few nights in Te Anau. I took off my sweater since I was wearing my thin red Outdoor Research shirt that perfectly outlined my hard nipples. Let him look. Suddenly he was awake after having earlier commented on wanting to take a nap.
“I vas thinking about going to take ze walk to ze bird sanctuary. Wanna join me?” he asked.
“Oh yeah, most definitely!” I said, acting excited even though I was anything but. If looking at birds in cages was what it meant to get laid, then by all means, let’s go look at some birds.
I began taking my shirt off to put on my base layers. He turned around and looked away to be respectful. I made sure to keep the conversation going until he eventually turned around to get a nice look at my bare breasts. I liked watching men struggle to hold eye contact with me when I was standing shirtless before them.
Then, he stood up out of the bed and I had to take a deep breath. My excitement was revealed through a smile. He was nearly as tall as my Virginia truck-driver lover, Kawa. I’d say he was around 6’ 7”. He had to bend his head down just to look at me. I felt so tiny in his presence.
We began walking towards the sanctuary, connecting different backroads to get closer to the lake. I was so turned on when a man guided me places and I could follow him carelessly. It would help bring me into my feminine not having to think. I was acting childlike, fun carefree and playful even though I just wanted to use him. The only thing keeping me there was letting myself get stunned over and over again by his beauty. I loved having to physically look up at him. His hair was perfectly wavy and tasseled. His accent made my knees wobbly.
After a couple of miles, we had arrived and began our search for these birds between tight-spaced grates. I leaned over the wooden railing, acting in awe of what I was seeing even though the entire experience was sub-par. At least he knew how to keep my pussy interested.
He placed the palm of his hand upon my lower back as he stepped over to the other side of me, gently brushing his hips against me. I turned around to look at him, raising my eyebrow seductively. The subtle touches between us became more frequent and longer-lasting, the eye contact grew more sultry.
We finished looking at the birds, then walked alongside the lake that led back towards the hostel. Simultaneously, we both spotted a dirt path that led down to the water. It was directly off the main trail, only slightly hidden by the leaves of the trees.
“Wanna check it out?” he asked.
I nodded my head ‘yes.’ We made it down to a stoney beach and watched the choppy ripples being swayed heavily by the wind.
“You gonna hop in?” I joked.
“Only if you go with me,” he said.
“Okay,” I replied hesitatingly.
He began taking his shirt off and my eyes widened.
“Wait, are you serious?” I asked.
I was already freezing, wearing all of my warm layers including gloves and a down jacket. But, I wasn’t going to say no to a hot guy who was actively undressing in front of me. I removed my shirt as he removed his pants, leaving only his boxer briefs on.
“No no,” I said, “you gotta take it all off.”
“I know,” he said, even though he was just about to enter the lake.
I got naked, too, then followed him into the dark abyss of the lake. He had a rock hard boner the moment I got undressed, and I, highly tempted to grab it. It was so thick, red and swollen, as if begging to be sucked from me. I gave him hungry eyes. I needed it.
The ice cold water was up to my hips now, the waves quickly splashing their way up to my belly button.
“On ze count of three?” he asked.
“Go under the water?”
“Yes,” he said, chattering through clenched teeth.
I released my bun and jumped under with him, then gasped for warm air as my body rose out of the water. Him, still hard as fuck for me. He hugged me close to keep me warm, then walked us out of the water and handed me his shirt to use as a towel.
“You’re insanely handsome,” I said as I wiped myself down, highly restraining myself from grabbing his cock.
“You ah, too,” he said.
I laughed. “That’s improper to say,” I said, “you would say a girl is beautiful, not handsome.”
“Oh I’m sorry,” he said, “you ah very beautiful.”
I raised my eyebrows, indicating for him to just kiss me already. He pulled me in by my waist as his thick heated cock pressed up against my solar plexus. He grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed it tight, claiming me for the moment. His lips bathed in delicious saliva, he went in for a kiss, passionately circling my tongue with his. I couldn’t believe I was making out with a male model. Did he know he could be a male model? I grabbed at his balls, cupping and squeezing them in my hands. Finally, I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft as I jerked him off. He groaned in enjoyment, my moans followed.
Although we didn’t want to, we decided to get dressed as we were freezing cold/wet, and sure day hikers would pop up out of nowhere any second.
“What was your name by the way?” I asked.
He laughed. “Oh, right,” he said, “I’m Elias.”
“Nice to meet you,” I said, shortly after having his raw cock in my hands.
“I zink I’m gonna take hot shower when I come back,” he said.
“Can I share a shower with you?” I asked with doe eyes.
He nodded in a way as if to say, ‘Of course, how could it be any other way.’
When we were close to the hostel, he goes, “Is this why you like hanging out in town? So you can seduce guys like me?”
I laughed nervously. “Never,” I said.
We walked in, grabbed a towel and I took a gummy snack from the bag that was labeled FREE. There were more people in the room now. With only our eyes, Elias and I gestured to walk to the shower together. Upon exiting the room, I put an energetic bubble around us so we wouldn’t get caught being naughty.
He walked into the men’s bathroom to scope out the area. I stood outside the entrance, acting innocent while I played footsie with myself. Cameras surrounded the building. An older gentleman finished washing his hands then walked out of the bathroom. As the door started to close, Elias gave me a stern nod, indicating for me to come in so I could get ravished.
Don’t mind if I do.
I let him know I was menstruating heavily and with pleading eyes hoped he wouldn’t be bothered by it. He wasn’t. He closed the shower door behind me then began kissing me, leaning down drastically just to meet my lips while I stood as high as I could on my tippy toes. Soon after, he was choking me, signaling that I was now under his authority. Instinctively, I went straight down on my knees, but had to half squat instead because he was too tall. His black sleek pants perfectly invited me to open them. His cock bulging and pressing through the fabric, ready to be unleashed.
I pulled out his beast and went straight to sucking, drinking his taste in. He quickly went to throw on a condom. This mother fucker put it on the wrong way, then put it on the right way but accidentally teared a good inch along the shaft. Still, he put it on. Might as well just take it off at that point.
He turned me around, slammed my cheek against the wet wall and shoved his cock in as I took in a breath of what felt like being alive. My glasses were still on, yet I lost focus as the lenses clouded over with heated steam and hot water droplets. My mind went numb, just the way I liked it.
He lifted me up in his arms, pressed my back up against the slippery wet wall and fucked me like that. I couldn’t help but let out a few moans when I knew I was supposed to be completely quiet. But how could I not? I was now getting fucked by a male model, might as well show it off.
He held eye contact with me, eyes fully dilated, face flushed pink. The water poured down between us, but I didn’t like the friction so I moved us to the bench behind the shower wall. I sat on it and spread my legs wide open so he could fuck me missionary. He was so tall that he had to do a full squat just to insert himself.
He turned me around again, bent me over the bench and fucked me hard as he picked up the pace. It hurt like hell but I pulled him in closer, needing to be filled. The pain from him was nothing like the pain in my mind. I arched my back and felt my eyes grow wet. He turned my face around, I closed my eyes as he kissed me. His breathing rhythm picked up until he released his cum inside of me, pumping and throbbing his moment of pleasure into my soul. Maybe I could borrow that fleeting bliss for all time?
We got dressed and went to get pizza afterwards. It felt all the social anxiety went away for me after I fucked someone that I initially felt nervous around. I quickly became careless in his company. I grew bored, wanted to go lay down in bed. My friends met him as we were walking back to our dorm. I waited for him to introduce himself because I forgot his name.
When we walked back into the room, I saw a new guy who immediately piqued my interest. He was French and happened to be sleeping in the bunk below mine.
Hmm, I pondered, two guys wouldn’t hurt.
“You ah more than welcome to join me in my bed by ze way, any time,” Elias said across the room, making sure the other guy could hear.
I decided to ruin my chances with the French guy and go cuddle the German one for a quick rub and grind. He took me in with open arms, I nuzzled up close into his warmth. God how much I loved cuddling. It almost made my heart feel warm and soft again. I turned on the flirty personality and switched on the connection. I looked at him as if I was dreaming of only his cock in my mouth, all the while sneaking glances at the French guy and fantasizing about what his might look like hanging over my face.