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(X-rated) January 27, 2024:
Elvis sat on the couch in the living room while I kneeled before his feet and rested my head on his thigh.
“You’re like a cat,” he said as he petted my hair.
“I love cats,” I said with a smile.
We decided to take another day off in Te Anau since the forecast didn’t look too promising. A group of us went out for breakfast and got a cup of coffee. Lenses looked at the foam art that was floating atop of her flat white. The lines and swirls morphed together and formed what looked like the shape of a footprint.
Lenses goes, “It looks like a foot!”
“Is a sign to keep walking,” Elvis said.
Truth. I managed to stay in Te Anau for nearly a week just fucking around, literally.
We got on the topic of how food appeared much better in the states, at least to me.
“Have you guys ever had deep fried Oreos?” I asked.
Nope, they haven’t.
“What about inception cookies?”
Everyone shook their head ‘no.’ They had no idea what it was nor what they were missing.
“It is a cookie within a cookie,” I said. I hadn’t had one since I was a little girl and haven’t came across one since. I looked at Lenses and said, “I will feel as if I accomplished everything I needed to do in New Zealand if I get you to try an inception cookie.”
After we ate, I went to take an afternoon nap with Elvis. It was so wholesome to lay down and be wrapped up warmly with a lover as we listened to the heavy rain pitter pattering outside our window.
After a couple hours, Elvis got out of bed to go pee, but I really wanted a taste of him so before he left I pulled his shorts down and started going down on him. I formed so much slobber and spit just from tasting him. He looked down at me, laughing as he pulled strings of drool off his dick such like a sticky spiderweb. He shoved his dick back into his shorts then stood there momentarily trying to make his boner go away.
I went into the lounge area and saw the French Canadian couple whom I hadn’t seen since around the Richmond Ranges! I invited them out for pizza to catch up. I also invited Ben, Lenses and Kasper to join, however Kasper changed his mind when we got there, saying he felt more drawn to Indian food.
The restaurant was fully booked so while we were waiting for a spot, I got in the long line for the bathroom. Lenses just got out of the stall as another guy got in line behind me.
“Do you have to pee?” I asked the guy.
“Yes,” he said.
“Okay, I have to poop,” I said, then motioned for him to go first.
“A woman of honesty,” he said, “I don’t know many who would say that but that takes balls. Good onya.”
Oftentimes, I didn’t pick up on what was proper or improper to say to people I just met. I assumed everyone spoke this way up until I received surprised reactions from people. Maybe I was on trail too long.
Late at night I came to the couch to work on my writing and William came into the living room. He laid on the carpet in front of me and asked what I was writing about. It was clear there was some awkward tension in the air from yesterday. I wanted to ask him what that was about, but he touched my leg and told me to give him a knock on his door before I went to bed. Eh, that was going to be a ‘no’ for me. I felt turned off by the indirect communication that could’ve been clear earlier on. I didn’t like when a man showed interest and then sudden hesitation/doubt. I wanted a man to be confident and on cue to ravage me. I didn’t like that wishy washy kine energy.
Not going to lie though I did think about it momentarily, to taste his hot cum one more time and maybe get Elvis to taste him off my lips but the idea of that didn’t satisfy me enough. Instead, I went back to my room and stood next to Elvis’s bed.
“Can I lay down here for a second?” I asked as I opened up his blanket.
“Of course,” he said, pulling me into his arms.
Like an animal, I had been watching him all day when he was in my vicinity. He would turn me on more and more, especially when I knew he could finger me the way he did. I wanted to experience that orgasm over and over again, until I grew so crazy for his touch that inevitably my need for him would overwhelm him. Once men found out I was insatiable, they would grow tired and give up.
It seemed nearly impossible for me to just cuddle with a man without turning it into something sexual. I began grinding on his leg. My pussy grew wet as I felt his cock growing and throbbing on my inner thigh… tempting me.
“Vat do you vant from me?“ he asked.
“You know what I want,” I said.
He shook his head ‘no’ when I tried pulling his shorts down. “Is too loud,” he whispered.
“I can be quiet,” I said.
He rolled his eyes and laughed to himself, knowing I was full of shit.
“There are two guys sleeping jus two feet avay from us,” he said.
“I know right,” I whispered as I dug my fingertips into his neck, implying it got me off.
My pleading moans of desperation weren’t enough to convince him, so I brought my fingers down to touch myself. He started chuckling, baffled at how I was unable to control my urges. A few seconds later he decided to take over control and finish the job, but just before he reached the lips of my pussy, he shut my mouth tight using his other hand.
My body arched as he went straight for my clit, losing myself to his magnetic touch. I tried to jerk off his hardened cock but he aggressively pushed my hand off knowing I would do a half ass job while in the heat of pleasure. Through his dominance he energetically let me know it was my time to relax and to focus on cumming. He loved to satisfy me.
I actually had to try not to cum when he was playing with me, unable to comprehend how fast he could bring me to orgasm. He felt like my own personal vibrator. It would only take me a few minutes with him whereas normally it took me a while. And to me, having an orgasm was a big deal. V had opened me up to experiencing one, but I never thought it would happen ever again after him, but it did and it showed me that other guys were capable of making me cum if only I would let them.
He was grinding and thrusting onto my outer thigh, constantly using the cum dripping out of my pussy as extra lubrication for my clit. He knew what he was doing. I told him he was going to make me cum so he added extra pressure over my mouth. I released an accidental moan between his fingers, but oh my god, I couldn’t fathom how fucking good it felt and I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to fuck him after I just came.
I excitedly got on my knees and began to suck him off. I began jerking him off but his cock was so wet and covered with my spit that it was undeniably loud. He laid me down on my side and slipped himself in. His breathing deepened into groans and I realized it wasn’t going to work in the room, so I pointed for the shower. He nodded and hopped out of bed.
We went over to the other bathroom this time. I closed the door and started to get on my knees but he shook his head ‘no,’ as he quickly removed some stuff off the counter. He turned me around abruptly, then bent me over and began fucking me doggy style. My hands were nearly to the floor as I pushed my ass up for him, biting my thumb as I tried my hardest to keep quiet.
I thought about how good my pussy felt being fucked without a condom. He lifted my torso up then fingered me as he picked up the pace. He stayed directly on my clit even as he was thrusting fast, never losing his place. I came hard all over his cock, my eyes rolling back as I let myself disappear and go dizzy. I was barely able to stand as the ripples of lust faded out. He took it as an opportunity to push me further down toward the floor and fuck me harder. Then, he turned me around and made me sit on the counter. I splayed my legs wide open, pulling him in.
He was about to cum in seconds, I could feel it. He was rock hard and on edge. He placed my fingers over my clit inviting me to touch myself some more, then took himself out a couple of times as if about to cum but not wanting to.
That was until I said, “I wanna swallow your cum.”
He took a step back, I got on my knees and jerked him off, feeling every shot of his hot load aim perfectly down my throat. I loved feeling the way he moaned and shook while my mouth was wrapped around his cock.
Afterwards, he went in the shower. I kissed his cheek and told him I would be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I really wanted to cuddle but stopped myself from receiving anymore closeness than I felt I needed. I knew deep down I just felt scared of the deepness that could be. Oftentimes, I didn’t know my place in the world.
When I laid in bed alone, all of the noise in my mind came back, shooting their daggers of insecurity and unworthiness.
Did I say too much?
Did I overstep my boundaries?
Did I do it wrong?
Did he think little of me?
Did I scare him off by being too aggressive?
Who would want to be with me with this much rage?
With this amount of jealousy and pain?
With these amount of insecurities?
There I was again, feeling as if I had to be calmer and more in my feminine. I wondered, could I just be as I was and be loved regardless? Why did I find the apparent pain of others so beautiful and poetic but my own as demonic and ugly?