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Segment 9-11: I cannot describe the level of excitement I experienced when I found a hidden bag of peanut m&m’s in my bag. It was a moment of true happiness… it also made sense to me why my bag weighed so much. 😂 I also now have an ass pad, thanks to Bubbly, which is a MUST for the trail. How dare I forget to pack mine. 😱
I ran into a friend that thru-hiked the PCT with me, so that was absolutely lovely! Crazy how the trail community just synchronizes again.
I did a tent swap with Mo because I was sick of carrying my two person tent. It had too much weight & was only good for emergency cuddles.
Bubbly stayed behind today because she was experiencing some knee pain along with blisters. It felt very different without her playful energy. She was always smiling, no matter what… even if she was experiencing frustration.
Mo & I decided to bathe in the river today. It was absolutely refreshing & was a perfect kickstart for the climb we had ahead. ❤️
I listened to a song that I had an emotional attachment to & decided to rewire my brain to make a new meaning out of it. (A sweet friend taught me that.)
Today was also my last day hiking with my tramily (for now). They plan on taking a nero & zero into Twin Lakes & I will only be resupplying & trekking on. I definitely experienced some separation anxiety already, but I got to trust where I am being guided. 🙏🏻
I researched a couple more hikes I would like to complete by the end of summer. I planned to only do the CT, however it seems my heart is calling for more trail time. ❤️🏔👣