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I got a ride close to Portland from someone who knew me from Instagram. I hitched the rest of the way to get to Cascade Locks to celebrate PCT Days. I got a ride by 2 different construction guy workers who were painters. One was named Joe, the other Antonio. He talked to me about the cartel & the corruption in Mexico.
I got to Cascade Locks & started to cry from happiness. The first thing I saw was a thru-hiker, followed by HUNDREDS more. I felt so at home & with my tribe. So far on the OCT, I only saw one thru-hiker so this felt like a gift.
Then, I saw a super hott guy that reminded me of a special lover back in Hawaii. He was surrounded by people; magnetic & charismatic. His long hair & tattoos made me weak in the knees. We gave each other a smile & I just knew in that instant that he wanted me, too. So, I got a free cucumber from the hiker box & saw him moments later & offered him one. We began to flirt away while eating our cucumbers. His name was Tuzi & he was super easy to talk to; naturally flirty & witty. He offered to buy me a beer & normally I don’t drink but tonight I said fuck it.
He invited me into his group of friends in which I met another guy who really caught my attention. He had a girl that was all over him & I was trying hard to not let it turn me on. With her cuddling up against him, he LOCKED eyes with me… I mean locked. He energetically did not allow me to break eye contact & I felt everything around us go slow. I took a deep breath & watched the way I became hypnotized by his trance. I would seductively raise my eyebrow & he would mirror it. I would bite my lip & he would bite his. Without even opening his mouth, he was speaking to me of the ways he planned to destroy me… without even touching me, he was penetrating me. For a good hour, I found myself getting more & more aroused, letting out “innocent” moans just to give him an idea of what I would sound like. It was all timed so perfectly so that no one would catch us secretly misbehaving. Later, he walked away with his girl. Tuzi & I moved closer; now I was feeling EXTRA heated. We decided it was time to go set up his tent so he could have his way with me. We started walking & I walked past the other guy & gave him an air kiss. Didn’t see him again, but I am sure when we run into each other in the future we are going to let out some of that unspoken tension. 😈
Tuzi attempted to set up his tent but I distracted him by mounting him & giving him wet kisses to show him how badly I craved him. It took a good half hour before we actually set up his tent… 😅 We had some x-rated fun & went out for hiker trash burgers afterwards. He introduced me to some peeps who were from Hawaii & we vibed hard.
Went back to the island to smoke some weed. My friends couldn’t find their tent & were convinced that someone dismantled it. Really, they just had to walk 20 more feet. 😂
Met a few more hikers as I was going to bed & they were sitting talking on the grass & invited me to sit with them. I got my trail name “Cotton” because of my macrame work! ❤️
The people next to me were having some loud sex in their tent in the middle of the night & I was so happy for them. They could not stop giggling & then some guy farted & they just busted out laughing even more. 😂 Made my night.